A Return to Love Audiobook by Marianne Williamson [Free Download]

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A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

The readers can download A Return to Love Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Marianne Williamson explores the best ways of becoming a miracle worker by utilizing Godly precepts. She takes a deep journey into how God expresses His love in our daily lives. A return to Love audiobook takes us through a variety of issues sharable among humanity where application of love is necessary. From psychic pain in bad relationships, hectic careers, and health, we learn the role of the force of love.

Williamson shows the primary source of inner peace at the cheapest cost of simply loving unconditionally. She attempts to demonstrate how we can improve our lives by spreading love around the world beginning with our families. Relying on God and realizing the significance of His love to mankind emerges as the key areas of focus to begin the process.

While in her 20s, Maryanne Williamson was a member of the peer self-centered generation. She was vulnerable to self-destruction when she made discoveries that changed her life. It is after she was engaged to a popular course on psycho-spiritual philosophy created by Helen Schucman back in 1965 that she met real insight. The discussions and debates that ensued from the contents of the course attracted worldwide limelight and within her reach. She took the Course dubbed A Course in Miracles, which became the source of A Return to Love. It is mostly a summary of the course.

The first chapter of A return to Love by Marianne Williamson begins with a condition of nervous breaking down typical to her peers. This breakdown defined her disorientation and caused her to change into a hard-hearted and reserved individual. She was previously extroverted and a fighter. She later became desperate for liberation and freedom from the oppression of a depressed life. She needed to change from her skeptic and arrogant attitude into a willingness to learn.


A Return to Love online version is back to the market by popular demand. This is an update of a previous version where she recounts her experiences in love. This audiobook is related to the spiritual guide; A course in Miracles where she got her insights on application of love that gives helpful information to readers.

This is a worthy read especially for individuals needing clarity and knowledge on the role of psycho-philosophical relations. It stayed for over six months at the top of list as the New York Times bestseller available online.

The major section of the audiobook is about healing relationships. It separates misconceptions about special relationships and holy ones. She exposes the popular perceptions that are wrong and urges us to change into accommodative people ready to surrender with unconditional love.

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