Adolf Hitler Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Adolf Hitler

The readers can download Adolf Hitler Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


A national bestseller with more than 370,000 copies in print, this is “the first book that anyone who wants to learn about Hitler or the war in Europe must read” (Newsweek).



  • This is a really wonderful book! It's long but utterly captivating. I looked forward to listening to hours of reading everyday. The narrator does a fantastic job. Highly recommended!!!
  • As a history buff I was delighted to find this in depth biography available here. Having owned this book for years and yet never competed reading the massive 1000 plus pages - I was delighted to find it in an audiobook format with a very good narrator. .The research Toland put forth into this book is apparent, spanning from Hitler's childhood, relationships with both his mother and father, his troubled mental state resulting from these relationships, to his rise (and failure on his first attempt) to power to eventually become Der Fuhrer, and the journey to 'the End'. Toland has no agenda here, he does not admire Hitler not does he deny him his place in History . That being said, if there is One book on Adolph Hitler that you must read, this is the one.