Ascendant’s Rite Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Ascendant's Rite

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The Lost Legions are trapped between two massive armies, both intent on their annihilation, because they have discovered secrets that could tear the empire apart. Ramon and Seth are going to need all of their cunning, tenacity and bravery if they are to get their men across the Bridge to safety.



  • Hair approaches religion, governance, and intrigue in such realism that the more fantastic elements are believable and even relatable. I went through the entire quartet in rapid fashion, and was most impressed by how the characters remained consistent even as they grew and showed their deeper parts. Hair is definitely in tune with societies' best and worst facets. Nick Podehl is THE BEST. The life given to this series and the books of Patrick Rothfuss by this man have made me seek him out as much as any author. I would buy audio books narrated by this man.