Battle Mage Audiobook by Peter A. Flannery [Free Download by Trial]

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Battle Mage by Peter A. Flannery

The readers can download Battle Mage Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The story of Battle Mage by Peter A. Flannery audiobook is about how the world is coming to the end and the only hope of salvation is the battle mage’s power.

The possessed had started to destroy the world with their burning shadow. There is a summoning for dragons but the ones that answer to it were too many Black Dragons. These are mad and enemy of humankind.

The main character, Falco Dante, who is the son of a madman. He is no-one in the world of warriors. Despite this, he has a friend that is going to the Academy of war. Falco decides to go with him to the Academy of war, a decision that he will be regretful of.

There is also a very important character in the story: Queen Catherine of Wrath. She is actually very important to Falco’s problems. He and his friends are in the Academy of war but while they progress every day, Falco is insecure about his power. The Queen has doubts about his training but despite this, she is trying to unite Kingdoms against the Possessed. Is Falco going to find the power inside of him?


Battle Mage by Peter A. Flannery audiobook is a very long audiobook that will involve you in its epic fantasy story. It is a whole new world that you have to discover on your own, guided by the narrative.

This audiobook is created for people that want to read a whole story in a single book. It is fantastic and pretty authentic. This author is focused on giving the user a great experience instead of producing a lot of serials with an eternal plot.

Mainly, our main character is sick. This is why he is always so doubtful about him. His friendship with Malaki is very important to him and it will guide us through the story.

It is a very unique story that is filled with a lot of magic, dragons, deaths, victories, and more. You will get to know very well each character in the end, that you will fear for their lives.


Is Battle Mage a very long Audiobook?

Yes, it is very long because of the complex story inside of it.

How many days it will take me to listen to the whole Battle Mag audiobook?

It doesn’t matter how many days, the thing that matters is that you get to know very well this fantasy world and its wonderful characters. But, if you really listen to it you can finish it in three days.

Does Peter Flannery have more books besides Battle Mag?

Yes, he has another book that is pretty long that is actually a thriller.

Would you recommend Battle Mage Audiobook?

We completely recommend Battle Mage audiobook to those ones that like to enjoy new stories and submerge in fantasy worlds of war, dragons, and magic. It is a well-made audiobook that catches the attention of every person starts to listen to it.

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