Born to Run Audiobook by Bruce Springsteen [Free Download by Trial]

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Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

The readers can download Born to Run Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Born to run audiobook is an autobiography of an inspiring life to fame even with hardships from birth. The author demonstrates how challenges in life do not define lifestyle; how the future rolls is largely influenced by individual attitude and effort towards achieving goals. Nothing replaces positive attitude when it comes to achieving goals and dreams in life. Success in life is not determined by place of birth and nature of the environment. Springsteen’s narration revolves around his successes despite consistent obstacles in life.

Born to run book by Bruce Springsteen analyzes his shame through school and neighborhood but highlights his commitment and search for happiness and meaning to life. As a boy, he grew up in isolation with a weird Irish father who never took time with the family including Bruce. The boy grew with the notion men should be uncommunicative and busy with grown up world. He was distant from family and community; the 30 years, which he describes as adventures of his life are not as interesting as it is supposed to be. It is a lone adventure and struggle to finding meaning to life.

Born To Run book by Bruce Springsteen demonstrates how we can easily be lured to a life of circumstances yet we can live better. Parents have a role in defining life of their children basing on how they carry on their activities. Rage and frustration in life often leads to more distraction in life; Bruce, for instance, explains how speeding was his way of venting; he would terrorize riders, drivers, and all road users to get a fulfillment. The attention he missed from the dad and mistreatment was compensated on strangers. Interestingly, part of him was proud of the violent and emotional behavior. Nature is against such kind of violence, especially against women because to Bruce they were an easy target.


Born to run online is accessible and shares important values to readers; consistency, compassion, honesty, respect, and commitment are key elements to life. Bruce learnt of these virtues from some of his fans with immigrant mothers that could not get attention or respect. The Born To Run audiobook was released in December 2016 that spiked emotional response hence its popularity in the market especially. The thirst for a better life and commitment to achievement of such goals is vital for success, happiness in life.

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