Diary of a Wimpy Kid Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

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Diary of a Whimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney is a fiction comedy novel for children and teenagers. The audiobook revolves around the story of Greg Heffley and his struggles to fit into the middle school. The novel explores the journey of Greg Heffley in the middle school and his adventures. Greg has his best friend Rowley Jefferson with him in the middle school. Greg notes down all the misadventures of his life in a journal. He enters the details of his daily life in middle school in the journal and on different topics. He writes it so that he can share it with the world once he becomes rich and famous.

Greg’s elder brother Rodrick plays practical pranks on him. Greg believes his younger brother Manny is spoiled. His parent’s do not approve of his ways like playing video games the entire day. Greg’s best friend is Rowley Jefferson. One day in the middle school Greg lets Rowley take the blame for chasing kindergarteners home, instead of walking them home as prescribed for a safety patrol person. This results in a rift in their friendship and Rowley stops hanging out with Greg. Greg is asked one day on how the cheese under the basketball hoop disappeared. He knows that senior bullies made Rowley eat the cheese, however, he tells that he has thrown the cheese away. This results in the mending of the differences between Greg and Rowley and they reconcile together as friends again.


Diary of a Whimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney is a very popular novel. Since its launch on funbrain.com, it has been read more than 20 million times. It was also on the New York Bestseller list. The book has been read and admired by children and teenagers across the world. The author has developed the character of Greg Heffley in a very adorable manner. The readers develop a connection with him and cheer for him. The relationship and the bond shared between Greg and Rowley has been portrayed in a very delightful manner by the author. The challenges of growing up and the pains in school life has been captured in a funny and witty manner. The novel also won the Blue Peter Book Award in the year 2012.

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