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Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

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Dragonfly in Amber by Daina Gabaldon (audiobook edition) is the second book in the Outlander series. It is a riveting book on time-travel and romance. Claire Beauchamp Randall has returned back to Scotland with her daughter Brianna in the year 1968. She has not told Brianna about her parentage due to the promise made to her husband Frank Randall whom Brianna thinks as her father. Claire thinks of telling the truth to Brianna. She takes the help of the history professor Roger Wakefield to find out details of few names from the Battle of Culloden and what happened to them. His research unravels interesting findings and Claire decides to tell her story to both Brianna and Roger Wakefield.

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Jamie and Claire come together in Paris in 1745, with a view to averting the battle of Culloden by suppressing the rebellion before it starts. They show their support and alliance to Charles Stuart by pretending to support his cause, while actually they are working against him and trying to suppress the rebellion.

They understand that this is a very dangerous and risky proposition. Both of them try to change the history during which they come across many obstacles and situations which test their relationship and bonding. Finally, because of his actions, Jamie and Claire are forced into leaving the country and they return to the Scottish highlands. After some time they hear the news of Bonnie Prince Charlie coming to Scotland and building his army. They change their mission and try to make the uprising and the rebellion a success. They realize that the battle of Culloden Moor is becoming inevitable and they might have to sacrifice everything they have to save their loved ones.


Dragonfly in Amber by Daina Gabaldon is an engaging romantic and time travel novel. The author has vividly described the historical settings and the political set-up of the eighteenth century. The characters have been well detailed and they come alive in the novel. The element of time travel has also been well detailed and elaborated in the audiobook.

The characters of Jamie and Claire are etched in the mind of the readers and not easily forgotten. The author described them in a manner that the readers are able to relate to them and their life story. The novel is an entertaining mix of history, time travel, and romance which is worth a read.

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