Dune Messiah Audiobook by Frank Herbert [Free Download]

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Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert

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Dune Messiah audiobook by Frank Herbert is the second book in the Dune series. Twelve years after the events of the first book of the series-Dune- Paul Atreides is the emperor. He is the Messiah to the Fremen, and has unleashed a jihad which has conquered most of the universe. He is sometimes unable to stop the violence and destruction being caused by his followers. Paul has prescient vision and can visualize that the worst is yet to come. With this knowledge, he endeavors to set the humanity on a course where he will continue to be the emperor and the destruction will stop.

Paul is having troubles in his personal life. He has married the Princess Irulan-daughter of a former emperor in order to keep his throne secure. Chani is his concubine. Both of these women want to have children with Paul but he wants to have children only with Chani, who again is unable to conceive for some unknown reason. Paul suspects conspiracy behind this but he also knows that the birth of their heir will bring death to Chani, so he keeps quiet.

Old enemies come together and start plotting his downfall. Paul with his prescient vision can see this and is determined to hold on to his throne and empire. The Fremen also turn against him, partly because they think he has become corrupt and partly because they themselves have become corrupt. Paul’s enemies are determined to dethrone him and there is lots of uncertainty and major changes are anticipated in Arrakis.


Dune Messiah audiobook by Frank Herbert takes the story of the Dune series further. Though some critics pointed out that the book was not as engrossing as the previous novel of the series. The author develops the character of Paul further and the readers get more insight into his character. The plot moves forward in a balanced pace and there are twists and turns which will keep the readers engaged.

The writing is simple and fluid and the readers will be able to understand the complex worlds and events of the fantasy novel better. This is a recommended read for the readers interested in fantasy genre and for the fans of the Dune series.

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