Finders Keepers Audiobook by Stephen King [Free Download by Trial]

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Finders Keepers: A Novel by Stephen King

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Finders Keepers by Stephen King is a popular crime novel first published in 2015. It is the second book in the trilogy after the first installment- Mr. Mercedes. The antagonist Morris Bellamy does not like the ending of the Runner trilogy written by the acclaimed author John Rothstein.

Morris knows that Rothstein has written many other books and he keeps them in a vault in his home. Morris murders the author and steals his first drafts and keeps the trunk along with his money buried under a tree near his home. Morris is convicted for a crime in some other case and is sentenced to prison.

In the present, a young man Peter Saubers now resides in Morris’ home. The Sauber family is financially weak and facing other emotional issues also. Suddenly Peter discovers the trunk buried by Morris. He uses the money in the trunk to meet his and the family’s needs. Peter reads the manuscripts in the trunk. He realizes that he has discovered sometime valuable and wants to profit from his discovery.

Morris is granted parole from the prison and he goes straight to his home for retrieving the trunk buried by him. He is shocked to find that the trunk is empty. Morris is hell-bent on finding the manuscripts. His search leads him on the trail of Peter and the Sauber family. The gripping cat and mouse game begins and private detective Bill Hodges is drawn into the mystery of the events.


The book received positive reviews. Finders Keepers by Stephen King is a fast-paced thriller and keeps the readers engaged till the end. The author builds up the characters piece by piece and the readers will be able to relate with the them. King tells the story to the readers in a manner that they can visualize the story unfolding, The author highlights how most people misjudge others and the ill effects of it.

The characters in the story have their vision and thoughts clouded which leads to costly mistakes on their parts. The author has been successful in presenting the plot coherently and building the suspense which the readers find engaging. The Stephen King fans will find this book gripping like the rest of his novels.

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