F**k Him! Audiobook by Brian Keephimattracted [Free Download by Trial]

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F**k Him!: Nice Girls Always Finish Single

The readers can download F**k Him!: Nice Girls Always Finish Single Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Let us begin by explaining that even though this audiobook is called “F**k Him!: Nice Girls Always Finish Single”, by Brian Nox, the author doesn’t refer to the actual sexual act; he talks about “mental f**k”, which means to maintain the men attracted in order to keep them expecting for more.

A lot of women have had problems in their relationships, most of them could have easily avoided these issues is they had just said “F**k Him!” once in a while. The main issue is that they try to compliant their men and this becomes even more evident if the man does not deserve it. And even worse, when these men have gotten what they need, they just disappear leaving these women in the dark.

The author of this audiobook presents a series of advice to help women be better appreciated by their men and try to stop some specific behavior that has encouraged men to use these women however they want.

By following these tips and advice, the authors help women to build a stronger long-lasting relationship.


Brian Nox is a date adviser who has posted some videos on YouTube where he tells women in a very direct way, how they should behave in order to not be mistreated or dumped by their relationship partners. Brian has come up with a compilation of very direct advice and created an audiobook called “F**K Him! Nice Girls Finish Single” where he explains that most women try to give everything to their men and when we say everything, we mean everything, anything they want in theirs.

This is the main reason why such men become bored quickly and look for another girl to mistreat and then dump again. So, the cycle never stops which is why this audiobook was created.

He teaches women some uncomfortable truths regarding men’s mentality and behavior. This way, Nox makes sure that these moment are able to value themselves a little bit more and make their men work in order to be worthy of being with them but, and this is very important, without playing games, telling lies or manipulating negatively since this usually tends to backfire eventually.

This book has been widely appreciated, specially by the feminine audience.

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