Fool Moon: The Dresden Files, Book 2 Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Fool Moon: The Dresden Files, Book 2 by Jim Butcher

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Fool Moon: The Dresden Files, book 2 Audiobook by Jim Butcher is another amazing story in the Dresden Files Saga. We are once again greeted by an old friend, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, Chicago's very own Wizard, who is also broke. His vast knowledge and powerful magical skills are only matched by his ability to make even more powerful enemies and antagonizing his closes friends.

Down on his luck, with little left to lose and almost no integrity at all, Dresden accepts a job offer from the Head of the Chicago Special Investigations Unit, Lt. Karin Murphy. Mostly driven by the desire of redeeming himself to Murphy and by calming his rumbling stomach.

Fool Moon throws Dresden into a World of reckless FBI Agents, a Motorcycle Gang consisting of Shapeshifting members, a threatening Mobster Boss, and the Heir Apparent to an ancient and powerful Curse and its life companion, wrapping up the story is an environmentalist movement and a couple of teenage werewolves in love with each other and that is what Fool Moon is all about.

A fantastic Epic Fantasy tale set in modern times, full of plot twists, incredible and powerful magical creatures, night terrors. Fool Moon will mark a before and after in the life on anyone who would listen to it.


Fool Moon: The Dresden Files, Book 2 Audiobook by Jim Butcher. Anyone who has been following the Dresden Files saga from the beginning knows exactly that things are never easy for the lovable and caring wizard, Harry Dresden.

Fool Moon picks up were Stormfront left, the good thing is that it isn't necessary to listen to the first audiobook, as the story here serves as a standalone project.

The Dresden Files follows the adventures of happy-go-lucky Chicago-based Wizard, Harry Dresden, who owns a sort of Private Investigations office. He gets most of his work directly from the Special Investigations Unit of the Chicago Police Department, and it Director, Lt. Karin Murphy.

In Fool Moon, Dresden is asked to join in, in an Investigation into a series of ritualistic murders in which the victims are viciously ravaged following a Fool Moon. With all the clues obviously pointing at a Werewolves things get extremely complicated for Murphy and Dresden very quickly.

There is no denying that Jim Butcher has created a leading Character that perfectly fits into the World he has created for his Saga. In Fool Moon, Butcher's narrative style and intricate storytelling get front and center almost stealing the show away from the lovable Wizard.

The detective-style narration of the story really has you ruling for Harry from the beginning, as you are already familiar with the fact the lovable goof rarely tends to be the one to make the heroic move in the Story. In Fool Moon you are bombarded with all sorts of Red Herrings and clues that would only make sense as the book reaches its climactic point and the story completely unfolds on itself.

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