Ghost Story: A Novel of the Dresden Files Audiobook [Free Download]

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Ghost Story: A Novel of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

The readers can download Ghost Story: A Novel of the Dresden Files Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Ghost Story: A Novel of the Dresden Files audiobook by Jim Butcher is the thirteenth novel in the popular Dresden Files fantasy series. The readers of the series will be aware by now that Harry Dresden is the only professional wizard in Chicago. An unknown killer has shot Dresden in the chest and left him to die in the cold waters of the Lake Michigan.

Dresden is now in between life and afterlife. He has been informed that there has been some irregularity in his death and is given the option to return back to Chicago as a spirit and find out his killers. Dresden accepts and returns back to the mortal world. He finds out that he is dead for six months and has lost his magical powers.

Dresden seeks the support of Mortimer Lindquist, the ectomancer. He initially refuses to help Dresden but when Dresden protects him against an attack by spirits he agrees. Dresden is taken to his old friends by Lindquist, where he learns that the world has become a different and darker place.

The Red Court of the vampires has been destroyed and an entity known as the Fomor has risen to fill in the vacuum created. Since the departure of Dresden, his friends have faced a tough time. They have been coerced and forced into making uneasy alliances and take drastic actions. Molly Carpenter has also experienced drastic situations and has relapsed into dangerous behavior and possible insanity.


Ghost Story: A Novel of the Dresden Files audiobook by Jim Butcher received positive reviews from the critics and the readers. The readers get a new experience with Dresden being dead and working to solve the mystery as a spirit without magical powers. The supporting cast also has been nicely developed in the novel and is its high point.

The plot moves forward swiftly and the author creates plenty of twists and turns which keeps the readers engaged. The story does not slow down during the plot. Jim Butcher creates a mesmerizing world of fantasy, wizards, ghosts, and monsters in the book. This is a highly recommended book for the fans of the Dresden Files series.

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