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Granny Dan

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In my eyes she had always been old, always been mine, always been Granny Dan. But in another time, another place, there had been dancing, people, laughter, love. . . . She had had another life before she came to us, long before she came to me. . . .



  • So far, I haven't read or listened to a Steele book that I haven't loved. This one is no exception. Believable characters, beleivable storyline. Made me want to research the Czar,Czarina, Sarska Seloe and the Russian Revolution! I even loved the male narrator's voice. It enhanced the story instead of taking away from it. SPOILER: If she were my dance teacher and treated me that way, I would have told her to kiss my you know what!
  • Granny Dan started out really good, and then it kind of got drawn out. I was a little bored listening to this book, although the concept was great the delivery wasn't. I have almost recommended every book that I have listened to, but I would not recommend this book.
  • I read/listened to this book as a selection for my book club. I used to love Steel's books but stopped because it seemed like she had a set format where she just changed names and such but her stories are always so similar. This book reminded me why I no longer read her books. The book was drawn out and very repetitive. How many times do we need to read how great their love is? It was well narrated, just boring.