Grant Audiobook by Ron Chernow [Free Download]

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Grant by Ron Chernow

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Grant Audiobook by Ron Chernow is a biography of the Founding Father as never has been other before. In this book, Chernow shows all the details that were not shown in previous biographies and not even in the memoirs that Grant made Mark Twain release after his death.

Chernow depicts actions such as General Grant letting enemies go peacefully home when their Generals surrender. He also talks about how the alcoholism was a struggle for the former president.

The biography starts much earlier than the Civil War, where everybody knows Ulysses S. Grant from, besides of being the 18th President of the U.S. Chernow presents the most humane part of the man before he became a General.

In this audiobook, the listener can approach all the experiences and failures Grant had during his youth in West Point, how he participated in the Mexican War and how his life was on the verge of bankruptcy.

He also describes the Odyssey he lives to join together the South and the North after the War and the protection of the freed slaved. All the shadows and the lights of Ulysses S. Grant are shown clearly in this version, coming to an end when the man writes the last chapter of his memoirs after his death.

Finally, the author portrays a conversation between Mark Twain and William T. Sherman where Twain regretted that he left Grant to publish his memoirs without including the human truth. Excluding things like how he repented from his bad habits, and how he tried to reform his failures made it impossible for Gram to restore his own reputation.


Grant Audiobook by Ron Chernow is the opposite of anything anyone’s read about the U.S Founding Father. Wherever you read about him, you’ll see nothing but the harsh parts. You’ll hear about how he was an alcoholic, and about how he was brutal at the battlefield.

Also, every American is probably familiar with the worst part of Grant’s story that starts when he became president in 1869. Every line depicts how his two periods were loaded with malversation, waste and general financial scandal, as well as, once again, the alcohol problem.

But this time, Chernow claims the other side of the story and shows a face of Grant that was long ago forgotten. He talks about the noble parts of his military career; when he freed all the slaves, when he left alive the enemies that surrendered and where he tried to reconstruct the country.

The audiobook also exalts the failures of the General from the bright side; it doesn’t talk about the drinking problem, but of how he struggled heroically against the vice.

The military successes are also highlighted and not as a brute act of force, achieved only because of a technologic advantage; the capacities of the general to use that advantage and the administration and strategy he applied are rescued in this biography.

Finally, he recalls all the efforts Grant made after his failures as a president to become an (unofficial) ambassador around the world.

This is without a doubt one of the most felt biographies on Ulysses S. Grant. It seeks to restore the image and greatness of the character. Grant, says the author, has always been demonized by the resentment of a “lost cause” and the ease of the people to judge their leaders by their faults.


Is this book going to the big screen?

While it’s not going to be on the big screen (at least yet), there’s a Docuseries on-the-go for History, executively produced by Di Caprio’s Appian Way in Association with RadicalMedia and Lionsgate Television.

The book is 1,000 pages, how long is the audiobook?

The listening length of the Amazon version is 48 hours and 2 minutes.

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