Has Christianity Failed You? Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Has Christianity Failed You?

The readers can download Has Christianity Failed You? Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


In 2006, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) held an open forum at the Fox Theater in Atlanta to address the subject: 'Has Christianity Failed You?' Tickets were sold for the event and---to the complete surprise of everyone---the event was sold out with a capacity crowd of over 5,000. People lined up offering to buy tickets from folks in line for higher prices.


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  • This book is awesome because it spells out what true Christianity is as God has defined it and manifested it through His word and His spirit through His son Jesus Christ. It dispels the misnomers of what Christianity is not and what it truly is. And not from mans viewpoint or secular reasoning or intellect or interpretation of what Christianity ought to be. Nor from mans perceived failure of Christianity due to mans hypocrisy and inability to obey God's word or what Christ taught us through His principals and his word and example to how Christ lived. Christ's example and power and divine spirit and presence is revealed here and available to everyone who believes in the gospel the good news and chooses by faith to believe and embrace God's will for their lives and surrender fully to the will of Christ and God's will for their lives. It is total surrender to God and self denial, abiding in Christ's word and walking in God's spirit and not in the flesh with a carnal mind but with the mind of Christ. The church of Christ has not failed but sinful men have missed the mark and have failed to obey God. The so called Christian has failed to show the love of God to others with humility of mind and lacking true repentance a turning away from sin showing self sacrifice to others. Displaying an authentic sincere love for Christ and the lost and other fellow believers in Christ within the church.