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Here on Earth

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March Murray, along with her fifteen-year-old daughter, Gwen, returns to the small Massachusetts town where she grew up to attend the funeral of Judith Dale, the beloved housekeeper who raised her. After nearly twenty years of living in California, March is thrust into the world of her past. She finds that Mrs. Dale knew more of life than March could have ever suspected; that her brother Alan, whose tragic history has left him grief-stricken, has turned to alcohol as his only solace; and that Hollis, the boy she once loved, is the man she can't seem to stay away from. Here on Earth is the dramatic and lyrical account of the joys of love, as well as the destruction that love can release. Erotic, disturbing, and compelling, this is without a doubt Alice Hoffman's most unforgettable novel. "[Hoffman is] a dreamy and mesmerizing storyteller." - The New Yorker


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  • I am an Alice Hoffman fan so I tend to like all of her books. This one I did enjoy - it was well told and instead of unfolding it seemed to kind of fold in on itself. I was always interested and found it hard to stop listening when I left my car. The characters are interesting and the reader did a very good job.
  • Like the previous reviewer, loved the book, but the ending was a little vague. But, then again, not all stories have happy endings or are so nicely tidied up like American fairytales. Alice Hoffman gives us a beautiful story of the slow decline of a once fiercely independent woman and the effects of her actions upon her new community. By the end of the story, I did wonder what happened to the main character (March) and her family. Sounds to me, maybe a sequel?
  • This was way more enjoyable when I'd read it for myself, and I think it's because you get to evoke your own level of emotion. I still enjoyed it. I don't know that I would have had I not read the book first though.