How to Be a 3% Man Audiobook by Corey Wayne [Free Download]

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How to Be a 3% Man by Corey Wayne

The readers can download How to Be a 3% Man Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


How to Be a 3% Man Audiobook by Corey Wayne is a self-improvement and self-help material that deals with the hidden secrets to truly understand women. Furthermore, the audiobook will provide information about meeting and dating the kind of women you have always wanted and make no big effort in relationships. It will also teach you how to get a girlfriend, date multiple women, get you wife or girlfriend back, and even it will give you lessons on how to change you girl “friend” into your girlfriend. Through the listening of this audiobook, you will learn how to live the life of your dream and achieve your objectives.

This audiobook covers the process of dating and how to go into a long-term relationship. You will get lessons on how to meet and date women you thought are out of your reach. And all of these can be achieved without changing your true self. Through the audio, you will take important hints on how to generate sexual attraction in women and make them pursue you.

The listening of this material is not restricted to single men; it can also be very useful for those men who are already with the woman of their dreams, by teaching you several topics in the transition to dating, turn it into a serious relationship and make it into a long-term and healthy one, with no drama, argument, and nagging.


How to Be a 3% Man Audiobook by Corey Wayne is a self-help book that will determine the course of a relationship between a man and a woman, proven to be not only effective in the knowledge of women by men, but also in women achieving some knowledge about themselves.

Narrated by the own author, the audiobook gives important hints about the process of getting a date, becoming the dreamt girl’s boyfriend and maintain that relationship as a long-term one during its 7 hours and 33 minutes duration.

In this material, the listener will not only find the usual attraction and pickup movements, but advices in achieving successfully date women whenever and wherever you want. All of these is being taught through the author’s anecdotes, with all the settings and example coming from a personal point of view, which means that not all of the situations described in the audiobook applied to all sort of relationships.

The material gives several advices in improving the kind of person you have to be to attract the woman of your dreams, supporting the fact that people get in life what they are in life. Personal values are going to attract people with the same personal values and this is a good point that it is valid not only in relationships, but at work or with group of friends.

Even though the audiobook maintains certain arguable points, as testing by playing validation games in the attraction stage – as stated by the blog True Anomaly, overall it is a good material to provide self-confident and achieving goals in life.