It’s a Long Story: My Life Audiobook by Willie Nelson [Free Download]

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It's a Long Story: My Life

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It's a Long Story: My Life audiobook by Willie Nelson is an autobiography of the popular American country musician and songwriter, Willie Nelson, published in the year 2015. The author takes the readers in journey through his formative years and his becoming a musician. He provides insights into his childhood in Texas and also about his run-in with the IRS over back taxes in the 1990s.

During his childhood, Nelson listened to Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra. He realized early in life that he wanted to make his career in music. He started playing guitar in a Czech polka band before middle school. He later on also worked as a radio DJ. He did his best to sell his songs, even offering to sell the full rights to different bands at throwaway prices.

Suddenly and unexpectedly his song “Hello Walls” became a million-seller hit. Afterward “Crazy” also went on to become a hit and Nelson became a recognized name in the songwriting business. However, it still took Nelson quite some time to become a star. Nelson recorded few raw-sounding albums which became timeless classics. He has been churning out varied music and has released more than 50 albums since the year 2000.

The author deals with matters and issues close to his heart like marriage, the art of songwriting, weed etc in the book. He, however, discusses these mostly through anecdotes instead of grappling with the issues. It’s a Long Story does not deal with the author’s life after the 1970s, as a result, the readers will not get an insight into Nelson’s current state of affairs.


It's a Long Story: My Life audiobook by Willie Nelson takes the readers through the life journey of Willie Nelson. The readers not only get an insight of Nelson as a young musician and songwriter, it also gives them glimpses of America back then. The narrative seems balanced and flows naturally and there is no trace of it being forced on the readers.

The book gives a broad canvas portrait of the artist which the fans will be able to relate to. The book provides very interesting view of Nelson’s life from his own perspective. It is a recommended read for fans of Willie Nelson.

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