Jurassic Park: A Novel Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Jurassic Park: A Novel by Michael Crichton

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Jurrasic Park by Michael Crichton is a science fiction novel written in the year 1990. It is a novel about ill-effects of genetic engineering showing the collapse of an amusement park due to genetically recreated dinosaurs. A man is mortally wounded in an offshore Costa Rican island where some construction work is going on. He is oddly mutilated and utters the word “raptor” before dying. It is revealed that Hammon Industries is building a theme park in the island which is inhabited by living dinosaurs cloned from the fossils. The project is led by John Hammond who shows his guests his advancement in genetic engineering and the automated systems of the island. He says the population of the dinosaurs will be controlled as the females of the species are Iysene deficient and X-ray sterilized.

Ian Malcolm the famous mathematician and chaos theory specialist, is pessimistic about the prospects of the park. He suggests that dinosaurs cannot be cloned and kept in a closed environment and it can not be expected to control the results. The dinosaurs do not have any predictable behavior patterns and the chaos theory says that complicated systems like this defy understanding. He warns that the park is an accident waiting to happen.

To counterbalance the views of Malcolm, Hammond hires two consultants Grant and Sattler. While touring the park, Grant finds eggshell which complies with Malcolm’s assertion that the dinosaurs have been breeding against the geneticist’s design. Chief Programmer of Jurassic Park’s controlling software Dennis Nerdy shuts down the security system to steal the embryos of the species. He is killed by the dinosaurs. Without Nerdy, the security systems are not activated and the dinosaurs escape and attack the visitors.


Jurrasic Park by Michael Crichton received highly positive reviews and critical acclaim by the public and the critics. The audiobook became an international bestseller and the best by the author. The story is fast-paced and thrilling which keeps the readers hooked till the last page. The novel is a timeless classic and can be read by any age group.

The writing style of the author and the thrilling storyline keeps the readers on the edge of their seats always. The author has successfully managed to make the story come alive. It is a highly recommended read.

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