Killing Kryptonite: Destroy What Steals Your Strength Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Killing Kryptonite

Written By: John Bevere
Narrated By: John Bevere
Date: October 19, 2017
Duration: 7 hours and 54 minutes

Genres: Christianity, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth

The readers can download Killing Kryptonite by John Bevere for free via Audible Free Trial.

Killing Kryptonite by John Bevere is the perfect audiobook to help us understand how we can fight our enemies despite the hurdles and issues that we are going through. It the best inspirational audiobook for the individuals that are looking for a solution to the problems that they are going through. This audiobook has all the solutions that you need. All you have to do is understand the hidden message inside the audiobook and you will surely get the strength to face your fear.


You can destroy everything that is blocking your strength. You can face every hurdle and destroy every enemy in your way who is trying to bring you down, just like the Superman. All the followers of Christ have the strength to face any hurdle in the world but the only issue we and Superman have in common is that our strength is blocked by kryptonite. We know that kryptonite and Superman are fictional characters but our spiritual kryptonite is not fictional. It is our thoughts and negativity that is blocking us from achieving anything great do not worry because Killing Kryptonite Audiobook has the answer to all the issues that we have been dealing with. It will help us kill our inner demons, so we can find the strength required to achieve something amazing that we have been destined for.


Killing Kryptonite by John Bevere is an amazing, inspirational and motivational audiobook. It is the audiobook that I believe everyone should listen to at least once in their life because it will give you all the answers that you have been looking for. Once you will listen to the audiobook and understand the message that has been shared in it, you will find it easy to break your inner kryptonite so you can be free to face all your fears. Some of the amazing things that I love in this audiobook are:

  • Once I started listening to the book it felt like all my questions have been answered. I was able to feel stronger and at peace.
  • In the beginning, it was hard for me to understand the message the audiobook is trying to convey, however, as I kept on listening, I was satisfied with the audiobook because I was sure that I made the right choice.
  • Killing Kryptonite Audiobook is one of the best audiobooks that I have ever heard. It feels like the books give you the courage and strength to face all fears that you had so far in your life.
  • You might not believe but once a killed the kryptonite inside me, I was able to face my fear and fulfill all the dreams that I had so far.


Who can read the audiobook?

Anyone who is dealing with different types of issues and feel like his strength is blocked by something should read this book?

Where can I get the audiobook?

The audiobook is easily accessible at different online stores. Make sure that you use a reliable source for the audiobook if you truly want to enjoy it.

Can I keep the Killing Kryptonite book my smartphone for as long as I like?

Yes, you can keep the Killing Kryptonite Book in your smart device as long as you like once you have paid for the services


Pastor Chris Jordan
Publishers Weekly