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Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson

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Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson is a biography of Leonardo Da Vinci. The portrayal of the life of Leonardo by the author does not ignore him as a painter, however, it has more to do with his pages of sketches and ideas. The author reasons that Leonardo’s scientific interest and inclination improved his art. The work put by him in scientific endeavors like dissecting corpses, studying muscles etc. only made him into the accomplished painter that he was. Thus, through his scientific studies and contributions, he became the painter who ended up painting two of the most famous paintings in the history of mankind- The last supper and Mona Lisa.

The author details the multifaceted skills of Leonardo and how his genius was based on skills which anyone can improve in their lives like curiosity, observation skills, and a vivid imagination. He was by himself a man of science and technology. He carried on studies in the technical fields of anatomy, fossils, flying machines, botany, geology etc. His mastery in the field of science and art both made him into one of the greatest geniuses which mankind has seen.

Leonardo’s delight and skill in pursuing diverse passions was the key element of his creativity. His life provides a lesson to everyone to not only pursue knowledge but also to have a logical bend of mind to question the knowledge being imparted. One should develop the passion to pursue a wide range of subjects and be creative in their lives.


Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson is a gripping biography of Leonardo Da Vinci. The author provides a vivid description of the life of Leonardo. Isaacson says that Leonardo was self-taught and “willed his way to his genius.” The author often stops to exclaim and share his enthusiasm and awe for Leonardo which keeps the readers interested. He goes on to say that the starting point for Leonardo Da Vinci were his notebooks which he labels as the “greatest record of curiosity ever created.”

The audiobook provides an awe-inspiring account of the life journey of one of the greatest geniuses- Leonardo Da Vinci. The writing is completely masterful and passionate which evokes a high degree of interest in the reader.

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  • A review of Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson on Goodreads by none other than BillGates himself. I've read so many book recommended by Gates, so this is going to happen quite soon. I really like Isaacson as well!
  • Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the first prominent self-taught thinkers in Europe. Due to the advent of the printing press he could access knowledge once reserved only to scholars. Today we have access to nearly unlimited knowledge thanks to the internet. What will YOU achieve?
  • Currently reading Leonardo Da Vinci by WalterIsaacson. Enjoying it immensely. The book itself is a work of art. I've also read Steve Jobs by Isaacson. He really sheds a lot of light on some fascinating historical figures.
  • Angela has visions of Leonardo da Vinci and sets out to look for a mysterious painting with Alex. I will read this book because I love the meanings behind pieces of art. Sounds so intriguing too! Good luck!
  • Finished WalterIsaacson’s bio of Leonardo da Vinci this morning. Just like his other books, an insightful read into a curious mind. Apparently BillGates agrees with me. It is on his summer reading list. So take mine and Bill’s word for it.
  • Im a fan of Dan Brown, and one of his novel "The Da Vinci Code" explores the compelling life story of the well-known artist, Leonardo Da Vinci. Due to that cause, I am encoutaged to learn more about him. And I am sensing that this book might be a good reference as well. Yay!
  • "Gates just released his annual list of summer book recommendations" EntryLevelRebel Leonardo da Vinci by WalterIsaacson and Factfulness by OlaRosling are on my list
  • Just finished reading Walter Isaacson’s wonderful book on Leonardo da Vinci. “The best way to approach Leonardo’s life is the way he approached the world: filled with a sense of curiosity and an appreciation for its infinite wonders.”
  • Hi! I would like to ask if you have plans to publish your new book about Leonardo da Vinci in hungarian language? I've contacted a few publishers in Hungary but they are not planning to translate it.
  • Just finished Walter Isaacson’s book on Leonardo Da Vinci & came across the iconic drawing of a fetus in the womb which ive seen peddled as ‘pro life art’ online. The mans own notes say it all though
  • One the most inspiring books I have read recently is Leonardo Da Vinci, an « ordinary person with a curious mind » WalterIsaacson. Highly encourage you to check it out.
  • I've never really read books like this before--not even The Da Vinci Code, honestly--but I did like the movie National Treasure and I'm very interested in Leonardo de Vinci, so this book might be for me. I'm curious where Angela's visions are coming from. Congrats on the BOTD!
  • That's wonderful - look forward to reading! Leonardo was a Polymath that excelled in multiple fields. Martin Kemp, world authority on davinci has written the prologue to forthcoming internationally acclaimed book ThePolymathBook. Check out:
  • Leonardo da Vinci is a hero of mine and the book in his name by WalterIsaacson is a masterpiece. Can't recommend it highly enough. "In order to be a true visionary, one has to be willing to overreach and to fail some of the time. Innovation requires a reality distortion field."
  • Just finished reading Walter Isaacson’s wonderful book Leonardo da Vinci this morning—the following excerpt illuminates how important summer break can be for educators. Let the ideas marinate and intuitions gel.
  • Read two and have one on my bookshelf waiting for me to finish it. The Leonardo book was especially good. DaVinci’s insight and curiosity about the tongue of a woodpecker showed the type of thinker and tinkerer he was. Appreciate your book lists!
  • FunFact: Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli is regarded as the father of accounting. He published the first book on double entry accounting in 1494. Leonardo da Vinci was one of his students!
  • The fourth book for this year I read is "How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci", this book is more a training guide to awake and train your abilities. Curiosity, Independent Thinking, Refining Senses, Embracing Uncertainty, Whole-brain Thinking, Mind-body Care, Interconnectedness.
  • Leonardo da Vinci: "They will say that because I have no book learning I cannot properly express what I desire to describe--but they do not know that my subjects require experience rather than the words of others." In other words SITG.
  • Currently reading Walter Isacasson’s biography of the master, which is simply titled Leonardo DaVinci. Riveting & meticuously researched. I am about 300 pages into the book, & it remains a pleasure to read.
  • A4 I like my competition shows but never know when new seasosn start--maybe Top Chef & Project Runway if there are new episodes. As for books, there aren't too many non-school related books I want to read. The closest one would be Walter Isaacson's Leonardo DaVinci
  • Took the time to take pictures of all of Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches regarding anatomy so I can always admire and look at them anywhere for reference via my iPad and iPhone. Can’t believe I just thought of this now, i’ve had this book for almost two years now
  • “It’s too small, and it’s too crowded to get close to look at the detail,” said the woman, Jeannie Li, 28, a financial analyst in Shanghai, unimpressed by her first sight of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.” “I can see it better in a book or on the internet.”
  • so Leonardo da Vinci also predicted that climate change would happen? Damn. And I tried so hard to sell this book to my mom yesterday so I would have someone to talk to about it. Only on chap 2, but I am hooked. And it’s giving me some needed inspiration right now
  • “It’s too small, and it’s too crowded to get close to look at the detail,” said the woman, unimpressed by Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. “I can see it better in a book or on the internet.”
  • Beautiful. Was always a great admirer of Ravi Varma. But never read his story (may I blame it on Art/Social/History books that never showed his story, but read about Michalengelo, Leonardo Da Vinci etc ). Ravi Varma Ke Andhani Oke Oka... Thank you Sir.
  • Please do share—I will buzz through this first book for SummerReading and I want to put others “on deck”-sportslaw topics welcome! I have the Leonardo DaVinci biography as well...
  • Because paint used to be made with egg whites which gives it different properties than the paint we use today.. learned that in WalterIsaacson 's new book on Leonardo Da Vinci
  • How come I don't know about this history, my history, but they taught us about F*****ng Leonardo Da Vinci some Italian that had nothing to do with us, in our history books?
  • People like you clap for Leonardo da Vinci for making a painting of flying machine, but you don't have respect for the imagination and technologies mentioned in our religious book... Lack of imagination has put us in the back seat when it comes to technology.
  • Wonderful use of a mindmap by MichaelJGelb during his keynote to 800 delgates " How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci" at Conscious Capitalism Conference in Dallas and I hear there was a standing ovation involved too! The mindmap are his notes for speech and summary of the book!
  • Been reading Walter Issacson's book on Leonardo da Vinci. Good book, offers great insight into Leonardo's mind and makes a distinction in his uniqueness. The only sin the book commits is not being long enough, honestly.
  • On this day in 1519, Italian painter, sculptor, and architect, Leonardo Da Vinci died. (April 15, 1452 to May 2, 1519). Visit the Montgomery County Public Library to explore the books and e-resources available about the "Renaissance man." "Learning never exhausts the mind."
  • You know that hypothesis where you can look at a totally innocent drawing and tell what the artist is into by what body parts are suspiciously over-detailed? This book has a whole chapter of doing that to Leonardo da Vinci
  • Da Vinci by Walter Issacson. Amazing book. I found out more about who Leonardo Da Vinci was than I ever imagined. Having been to the Louvre and seen some of his paintings, really tied it all together for me.
  • “The ability to make connections across disciplines; art, science, technology, humanities, is the key to innovation.” Walter Isaacson ayearofbiographies mrrenaissanceman85 books
  • Writings in a book don't make a God real and Leonardo Da Vinci not only has The Sistine Chapel to show he painted it but also loads of drawings which he did. Did your God do any paintings or drawings? Nope.
  • Just read Walter Isaacson's book on da Vinci. Fantastic read. I remember being taught that Leonardo and Michaelangelo were contemporaries and rivals, but the latter was better because the former rarely finished anything. I now feel enlightened.
  • I was looking at my Leonardo da Vinci book. Have you ever noticed that the Mona Lisa and St John the Baptist paintings look similar in features? The Smile, nose, &c. My Perspective of course.
  • Have you read the book, "How to Think like Leonardo da vincci" It's a very interesting book talking about 7 key aspects of Da vinci's genius. It all starts with the first quality of a master: Curiosity Would you like to develop this quality?
  • 5.) His dream of being a military engineer turns nightmare when he supports brutal Italian warlord 6.) I am only half way through book! I will update wish list when I finish book LeonardodaVinci
  • OnThisDay Leonardo Da Vinci was born. ‘Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears and never regrets.’ SundayMotivation SundayMorning quotes quote inspiration learning mind never
  • There are some drawbacks. But....the ability to multitask has some real benefits. Picking the right books to listen to is the key. For example, I don't suggest listening to Leonardo Da Vinci or any book that has lots of photos. Impractical to listen while sitting at the computer.
  • Happy Mother’s MalissaShriver Do you know Rebecca Gale Beckgale, author, journalist, passionate advocate of artsed + science + math after researching her YA book EdgeofYesterday on polymath Leonardo Da Vinci. Fellow tribe member
  • Looking around the Museum of Natural History in New York. It’s great, but would be so much better if everything weren’t in the dark! Plastic models aren’t Leonardo Da Vinci’s note books. Rocks won’t fade with a bit of light!
  • Just finished reading Leonardo da Vinci by WalterIsaacson. Took a while. What a delight! Maybe his best book. I've read his biographies of Steve Jobs, Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Kissinger. Hope he is writing about someone else. He brings people to life in a remarkable way.
  • It's in this Marie del Grazie convent that Leonardo da Vinci has painted his masterpiece The Last Supper Milan Anyone desirous of seeing it book well in advance. I booked3 months before we went there
  • I'm sharing one thing I learn each day: Luca Pacioli is considered the "Father of Accounting." He published the first book about double-entry bookkeeping in 1494 where he advocated for the use of ledgers. Luca taught and collaborated with Leonardo da Vinci. Thanks BenjaminJun!
  • I used to love a series of books that were basically funny, illustrated biographies of famous people from the past (can’t remember how it was called ). My favourites were the ones about Roald Dahl, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci and Elisabeth I
  • The final “Books Sandwiched In” review of the Season, presented by the Friends & Foundation of the Rochester Public Library. Book: “Leonardo da Vinci” by Walter Isaacson. Reviewer: Dr. Jorge L. Diaz-Herrera, President of Keuka College.
  • A few weeks ago I finished my sixth book for this year, a 600 Page Walter Isaacson Leonardo da Vinci Biography. And I’m already halfway into my seventh book, again 600 Pages.
  • This book is incredible. I wake up every morning excited to read more. So many comparisons can be made between Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs, and Benjamin Franklin (the subjects of some of Isaacson’s other books).
  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” as quoted by Leonardo da Vinci. So make the most of our Mona Lisa’s March and book a luxurious stay at our Garden View Suite featuring an outdoor private plunge pool. For more information call +971 2 407 1234
  • Just finished WalterIsaacson's da Vinci biography.Hated to see Leonardo die & book end. Excellent work."He enjoyed the challenge of conception more than the chore of completion." I'm married to a man just like him.librarians
  • Earliest evidence of biz team interfering w/ creative team? Commissioned 1486 Virgin of the Rocks by Leonardo Da Vinci (L) shows angel pointing at baby St. John, breaking flow b/t Mary and Jesus. 1508 version (R) doesn't show angel's hand. Via WalterIsaacson book.
  • Just finished Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson and most recently, Alcatraz: A Definitive History of the Penitentiary Years by Michael Esslinger I try to read a book a week. I try.....
  • "I've been impressed with the urgency of doing...." Leonardo Da Vinci So maybe you can do it this weekend & register to become a SOSTAC ® Certified Planner? Next 1 hour, open book, multiple-choice mini-case-study sitting 24-26 Mar & get an instant personalised certificate.
  • Sir I keep returning to your book the Innovators again and again. Each time I simply marvel at the kind of collaboration that took place Reading about the Creative side of Licklider made me wonder if that was one of the motivations for writing Leonardo Da Vinci :)
  • Design solutions are about balance, it’s not only about function or form.. cultures, mindsets all have a role to play here. - siddharthkabra at i2i_bhau in CoEPune for the Book: Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Forgot to share this earlier in the week. Great links on writing advice, getting a critique, working with an illustrator, and multi-POV books. Plus a pic from the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit which is currently here in town!
  • "By asking the right questions new thoughts open up for all us. This is a great area to work from and leads to innovation. We always question the value, beyond business." - siddharthkabra at i2i_bhau in CoEPune for the Book: Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Valt de mond van Roosje 7 nu open van de Schetsen en tekeningen van Leonardo da Vinci, of is ze ondertussen gewoon aan het herkauwen? cows charcoal whatyoudidntknowaboutcows reading books boeken koe FarmLife sortof
  • OnThisDay, 499 years ago, LeonardodaVinci passed away. We asked Martin Kemp, arguably the leading da Vinci scholar, how he would have felt about his astonishing legacy. 'Living With Leonardo', Martin's book about a life of studying da Vinci, is available now.
  • You’re like Leonardo Da Vinci in his early career. Basing your theories of life on your lived experience in this world with the people. Not based on books or academic knowledge.
  • know I’m coming to it late but I’m devouring your book on Leonardo DaVinci - absolutely fantastic read. einstein will be my next book because of how much I’m enjoying this one.
  • “Oh—nah. Guess I was preoccupied.” He starts hunting for a book as well, but he doesn’t really care what it is. As far as he’s concerned, Karkat is already captivating enough. “How about...autobiography of Leonardo da Vinci?” How did that get here?
  • Leonardo da Vinci was a misfit. Steve Jobs talked about how he was among the misfits, the rebels, the round pegs in the square holes, those who think differently. The biggest takeaway from this book is just stay curious about everything.
  • This book was written to mark the 50th anniversary of The Max Ernst Fountain. Ernst dedicated this masterpiece to Leonardo da Vinci, the genius of Amboise. Photography Travel
  • mighyt also enjoy relative term cosmological constant Leonardo da vinci code note book. sand hour glass journey lights agni/Ignatius don Gibson sea of heartbreak the lights in the harbour.UroOncMD
  • In the middle of Leonardo da Vinci by WalterIsaacson and wandered across this free resource with hundreds of digitized pages of da Vinci notebook (Codex Arundel) content. Fascinating book btw. —> WalterIsaacson —>
  • I was ready to go to bed around 4 a.m. only to realize my audiobook was going to expire today. So I stayed up until around 7 a.m. listening to it. Really great book though. If you're interested in Leonardo da Vinci, you want to check out this book.
  • "Creativity is your own idea, it is your own, original way of looking at it! An idea can always lead to something wonderful." - prafulrnaik2001 at BHAU Institute in CoEPune for the Book: Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • I’m kind of struggling through Walter Isaacson’s LEONARDO DA VINCI. It’s just not as interesting to me as a biography of someone more contemporary because we don’t know as much about him. It seems like half the book is speculation.
  • Read all about this in Walter Isaacson’s (2017) beautifully adorned biography of Leonardo da Vinci. The sketches and pictures of Leonardo depicted in the book are fabulous. A masterpiece on every page. I don’t usually endorse books but I can’t stop reading it right now.
  • Book Leonardo Da Vinci - The Biography by Walter Isaacson Wow. Just wow. I believe Da Vinci is one of the most interesting and fascinating people who has ever lived. And I had no idea. Doesn't school teach us this kind of knowledge? Or did I simply forget about it?
  • Did you know “Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli is regarded as the father of accounting. He published the first book on double entry accounting in 1494. Leonardo da Vinci was one of his students.”
  • This books are not anything you could consider special. Some are valuable tomes, indeed, we have documents written by geniuses as Leonardo Da Vinci. Visitors are allowed to check them if Kafka or me are present.
  • The book on Leonardo da Vinci by WalterIsaacson is one of the most fascinating and inspiring books I’ve ever read. I think I might add him to my dream dinner table of four.
  • APPARENTLY the murrieta public library doesn’t have any books on Raymond Carver, Buddy Holly, William Butler Yeats, Maude Gonne, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Eugene Debs, or Woodrow Wilson. It’s cool though I’m comparing Leonardo da Vinci to Elon musk now so
  • This 1984 pop-up book captures the life and legacy of Leonardo da Vinci in gorgeous illustrations and “interactive” three-dimensional paper engineering that would’ve made Leonardo himself nod with delight.
  • I’ve just finished your book on Leonardo da Vinci. Although I’ve never been much of a reader, your book enraptured me! Besides the Bible (I’m a born again Christian) this book affected me more than any other. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • One amazing takeaway from the bio of Leonardo da Vinci by WalterIsaacson is a sense of permission to go down rabbit holes, fantasize, get distracted. Artists should take note from the master, indulge in curiosity without guilt. Read this book!
  • This week is Book Week. Year 3 were bursting with creativity in their workshop. The artist, illustrator and author Antonia Gros taught them all about the inventions and creativity of Leonardo da Vinci as they designed their own fantastic flying machines.
  • .WalterIsaacson "Describe the tongue of the woodpecker" what a beautiful and inspiring coda. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and beautiful book. Grande Leonardo! Grande Da Vinci!.
  • looking up books on brain science and one had a blurb review from "Leonardo DiCaprio" but I read it as "Leonardo Da Vinci" either way i don't think that makes me trust your book more.
  • "Share your ideas and get the best from others. Must allow freedom to who we work with. Hire the best and set them free. A vision should not limit a contribution." - Kiran Yadnyopavit at BHAU Institute in CoEPune for the Book: Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • I gave up listening to political podcasts and started listening to audio books. 'American Wolf' and 'Leonardo Da Vinci' were both terrific and never once did they set my hair on fire.
  • Just about finished the astounding WalterIsaacson book on leonardodavinci What a privilege to read while in Italy. I echo the author’s desire to be more observant. Most impressive to me? His surgical dissections and anatomy revelations and using anatomy to inform his
  • The most expensive book was Codex Leicester by Leonardo Da Vinci, and it was purchased by BillGates, according to businessinsider. davinci codexleicester billgates
  • So accidentally i was watching “Ninja Turtles” with my young brother, and I noticed that the characters (turtles) are named Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo. And automatically I remembered Dan Brown books i read years ago “The DaVinci Code” and “Angle and Demons”
  • are you going to be doing any lectures and/or book signings in the NYC/Philadelphia area? I am almost finished Leonardo DaVinci and I’m bummed I missed them in the fall and early winter (before I got the book).
  • I'm inspired actually. I'm 1/8th thru a Leonardo da Vinci book that's like 5 pounds. After that, ironically, a friend gave me a book about some guy who collects books to read, and it's basically a diary of what he read or just collected. There ought to be a virtual book club lol
  • I remember when I was young back in primary school I had a pocket anatomy science textbook which got lost somwhere along the way, I encountered Leonardo Da Vinci when I was still young; read about him on a particular common note book in the country, Karatasi or Kasuku I think..
  • KRAMER: This is evolutionary. I've been reading this book on Leonardo da Vinci. See, that means 'from Vinci.' Did you know that? JERRY: (deadpan) That must be some book.
  • The man of the day is Leonardo da Vinci. Another book--"The Da Vinci Code". I knew nothing about Dan Brown. I didn't want to follow the crowd and read it so I resisted. It was published in 2003--I had no parts of it and my life was a mess.
  • Walter Isaacson notes in his new Leonardo Da Vinci book(there' s been a lot of Leonardo books written lately . . . ever since the Da Vinci Code!) that Leonardo noted that the streams that branch out . . . their widths sum up to the width of the major trunk.
  • Reading stunning book ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ by WalterIsaacson It’s going to be interesting to see what LeoDiCaprio ParamountPics and John Logan are going to do with this stunning man. Every chapter is filled with what could be an incredible scene.
  • True:) If I had to pick 5 favorite books, they'd be: -> "Winnie-The-Pooh," "Oh, the Places You'll Go," "How To Think Like Leonardo da Vinci," "Webster's Dictionary," & the 1st 2 pages of "Damage," on loop, til I learn how to write that well.
  • Anyone done the list of 100 Questions? (per MichaelJGelb 's awesome book "How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci") Working on it now. Up to question 58 & time for a chocolate break. H/T JohnStanko for the reminder of this excellent exercise.
  • "Design process is always the same. We are always designing for ourselves. How different an idea also increases the risk. - siddharthkabra at i2i_bhau in CoEPune for the Book: Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Once in a Blue Moon there is a mind as comprehensively curious and inventive as Leonardo da Vinci's was. Spending this BlueMoon writing about Earth's only Moon for my forthcoming book, Leonardo's Science Workshop for Kids. Thanks
  • What a fascinating book, an account of the life of "the most relentlessly curious man in History, leonardodavinci by WalterIsaacson. Enjoying it thoroughly. RamanaR4 theajaysaxena.
  • "Be crazy about your idea, be possessive, not obsessive. Not all ideas are million dollar ideas.. one should be happy and content with what it can deliver.." - prafulrnaik2001 at BHAU Institute in CoEPune for the Book: Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • LITHGOW LIBRARY BOOK CLUB join us for monthly book discussions. No sign-up required. Upcoming meetings: March 14th 6:30 | In The Midst of Winter by Isabel Allende, April 11th 6:30 | Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate, May 9 6:30 | Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson.
  • I absolutely love this quote! I wish I had used it in my book TheWayofEffortlessLeadership . We tend to strive for complexity when we should be looking in the opposite direction. Learn from a genius "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo Da Vinci
  • I just finished your Leonardo da Vinci book, which is utterly fascinating and crafted in such clean and precise prose. You and Leonardo inspire us to observe and know more for its own sake and to inhabit and savor the symbiosis of the liberal arts and science.
  • Kiran Yadnyopavit - "sometimes commissioned work has limitations. If it is something you want to do it is often boundless. When dependant on someone else often one has to play the fine balance." at i2i_bhau in CoEPune for the Book: Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Leonardo da Vinci committed 5 years to exclusively studying anatomy and physiology after the age 50 at the peak of his artistic ability. Crack open an anatomy book, go to a cadaver lab, study human movement, ask questions, seek understanding, and never stop learning.
  • "Focus on your resources - align them to best achieve the goal. Divergent thinking has to be brought into the mainstream." - prafulrnaik2001 at BHAU Institute in CoEPune for the Book: Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Mungkin, Leonardo Da Vinci because he is the master of everything. I love to learn about new things. Second, J.K Rowling— there’s no specific reason, i just love her books and everything. The last one, still can’t choose between Dante Aligheiri or B.J Habibie.