Leviathan Wakes Audiobook by James S.A. Corey [Free Download]

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Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey

The readers can download Leviathan Wakes Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Leviathan Wakes Audiobook by James S. A. Corey is a science fiction novel written in 2012 and it is the first installment of the Expanse Series. The story is set in a future when humanity has colognized most of the Solar System. Planet Earth is ruled by the United Nations sharing control of the planetary system together with Martian Congressional Republic. They act like competing superpowers, controlling the area in an uneasy military alliance to exert control over the people living int the Asteroid Belt.

People from that zone, lnown as “Belters” are thin and elongated as a result of the effects of low gravity and they are the providers of all natural resources to the system, but the rest of the Solar System keep them apart. And there is also the danger of an attack of a group of dissidents known as the Outer Planet Alliance.

With all this setting, the story begins with the finding of an abandon ship and the attack suffered by those who found it, surviving only five of the whole crew. They will be involved in the missing of a young girl and the reluctant ship’s captain of the remaining crew together with a washed-out detective in Center will embark in the most intriguing story about human condition, power, and the lack of trust among mankind.


Leviathan Wakes Audiobook by James S. A. Corey is one of the best initial chapter any series of book could have. The collaboration of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck created the name of James S.A. Corey to bring to life one of the most exciting science fiction story of the recent times. The material mixes perfectly space opera, militaristic scinece fiction and noir mystery originating a thrilling, intense, and even frightening scenario.

The audiobook goes to an extent of 19 hours for its completion with an excellent narration by Jefferson Mays giving the necessary depth the story deserves. The representation of each character was well done, defining each of them properly. His reading is precise with no overdoing on any aspect of the material. The narration is done with the main intention of emphasizing story over style and in no moment it is felt that Mays exagerates his role in the narrative; he just left the author’s words do their job. The audiobook is presented in a simple way, just the straight reading of an amazing science fiction story.

The material is simply Space Opera. “Don’t sit there analyzing it, just breath it and enjoy” it . It is a pretty smart, fast paced with great actions scenes described perfectly; but it is not hard sci-fi, it is just entertaining sci-fi and it is always pleasant to listen it.

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