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Lost Boys

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From the best-selling storyteller Orson Scott Card comes a gripping story of terror within a small town. In this thriller, a withdrawn eight-year-old in a troubled family invents imaginary friends who bear the names of missing children.



  • This was not what I expected from Ms. Card. Needs to go back to Space Sci Fi....If you do want to hear this one...listen to the first two discs and the last one....the rest is not worth your time...
  • I rented this book expecting it to be the original story on which the 1987 movie "The Lost Boys" was based. Boy was I wrong! There are times when the book is slow and dull, but at the same time, the discs all seemd to end far too quickly. This is a story about a family and how they interact with the world around them. That world is definitely not the same one Beaver Cleaver lived in. By the end of the book, I felt that their family was my family. I felt their emotions and did not want to leave them. This is not a thriller. It is not an adventure. It is a good intense read (or listen) that will leave you wanting your next book to be fluff so that you can recover your emotional expenditure.
  • I kept putting this down (figuratively) over a period of time. While the book is well written and well read, it has the feeling of a story that never really has a happy point. Kinda like the movie Perfect Storm. I especially liked the ending. The subject matter is not a cheery one, so I'm not sure there should be a lot of good things happening in the book. I gave it 4 stars, as Card writes a good story and the reader did an excellent job in reading, but this type of story is just not my cup of tea in general.
  • This book moves a little slowly and the events are not quite as thrilling as a lot of our books and movies normally are today. Having said that, I love the way that this story is told. Card writes so realistically that you really care about his characters. The narrator is good too. I highly recommend this book, as with all of Card's books that I've read.
  • Wow. Didn't expect the ending. Several reviewers say the book is slow, that there is too much character building. Personally, I found Card's writing during the character building to be amazingly real. He knows how real people think and speak in their daily lives. While nothing really happens for the first 12 disks, I found it pleasant to listen to. I kept trying to figure out where the story was going, and how it was tied to the title of the book. Card doesn't give you many clues, until late in the book. But then, the 13th disk starts. It hits hard and fast. I just sat in my car, in my parking place at home, and listened. It will take a little while to get this story out of my mind. I recommend you stay with the story through the 12 disks, enjoy them, and then settle in somewhere where you can listen to the whole 13th disk without interruption.
  • you'll like this book if you're not a biggot. If you think you are a biggot in any way, shape or form then just don't bother. This is a entertaining book, takes you into the mind of a mormon family just living their life in North Carolina with 2 boys and a girl. I guess this is a true story; someone said. but someone said someone said right. In the book, but not even a major part, kinda like in the background some 8yr old boys start disappearing. you hear about it but doesn't go into that story. But this family has an 8yr old boy. But believe me, you'll never ever ever ever guess the ending. It shocked me. i was sitting in my office on the 45floor of my office building in seattle and a co-worker saw me crying. I don't cry, i'm a tough man. lol. you'll like this book.