Matchmaking for Beginners Audiobook by Maddie Dawson [Download]

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Matchmaking for Beginners: A Novel by Maddie Dawson

The readers can download Matchmaking for Beginners: A Novel Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Matchmaking for Beginners A Novel by Maddie Dawson is a romantic novel depicting the life of Marnie McGraw and her love interest Noah. Marnie is an inexperienced matchmaker who knows what she wants from life- a husband, kids and a minivan in the suburbs. She thinks she will get all these following her marriage with Noah. Blix Holliday is an experienced matchmaker and the great-aunt of Noah. She meets Marnie in her engagement party with Noah. She identifies Marnie as a kindred soul. Blix is an old women and she is dying but nobody in the family is aware of it.

On their marriage day, Noah is missing. He turns up late and tells Marnie he can’t marry her. She convinces him for the marriage. The marriage doesn’t last long and they break up shortly. Marnie’s parents take her back with themselves to Florida. Marnie receives a letter Blix’s estate informing her that Blix has left Marnie her home the Brooklyn brownstone.

Marnie goes to the house and meets Blix’s tenants and friends. Noah is there as well and he does not take it well on learning that Blix has left the house to Marnie. Blix’s attorney informs Marnie that she has to live in the house for 3 months before it officially becomes hers. Marnie plans to live for the duration till she inherits the house and thinks of selling it off later. However, there are further twists in the plot and there is one more match to be made.


Matchmaking for Beginners A Novel by Maddie Dawson is a wonderfully written novel. The characters have been developed in a manner that the readers will feel them like friends. The narrative is simple and the story moves forward swiftly which keeps the readers engaged.

The twists and turns in the plot are skillfully planned and presented by the authors which keeps the interest element high when reading the novel. The readers will be able to feel the real emotions of the characters in the story and develop a bond with the characters. This is indeed a lovely novel and should be read by readers of all categories.