Mere Christianity Audiobook by C.S. Lewis [Free Download by Trial]

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Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

The readers can download Mere Christianity Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Mere Christianity Audiobook by C.S. Lewis is a theological book adapted from a series of BBC Radio talks between 1941 and 1944. Lewis aims at avoiding any kind of controversies and explain the basics of Christianity to the people who are basic educated and to the intellectuals as well. Mere Christianity is broken down into four books. Book 1 is the moral argument for existence of God, Book 2 helps narrow the scope from any God to the God of the Bible, Book 3 has discussions on moral issues on sexuality, marriage, forgiveness etc. and Book 4 describes how God works inside of believers.

Lewis starts by showing the readers an objective moral standard which he calls the Law of Human Nature. He then goes on to say that this objective moral can come from a higher power and since most of the people have violated the laws of this higher power, they have the reason to feel uneasy. The author then moves to the next section where he provides a brief overview of world religions and explains how the evil came into existence. He also delves into why God sent Jesus and how the faith works.

The author oversimplifies things and presents these ideas in only about 30 pages. In the next section, Lewis talks about morality in issues like marriage, sexuality, forgiveness, and pride. He summarizes how to live a Christian life. He reasons that pride is major sin and drives people in pursuit of selfish pleasures. Lewis goes on to say that one must allow God to change them from inside. In the last section, he also explains this process.


Mere Christianity Audiobook by C.S. Lewis received mixed responses. It was placed third in Christianity Today’s list of most influential books among evangelicals since 1945. The chapters are small and the author uses simple language which will help in better understanding of the subject.

The author helps the readers in this theological journey. He supports his claims through real-world examples which helps the comprehension. Although at times it seems the author has oversimplified things and presented in a cursory manner. Overall it is a recommended read for readers having interest in Christianity and theological issues.

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