My Kind of Christmas Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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My Kind of Christmas

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RITA recipient Robyn Carr is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of the wildly popular Virgin River books. The 20th in the series, My Kind of Christmas follows Patrick, the youngest Riordan brother, as he recovers from a tragic loss. After his best friend dies, Patrick tries to forget his sorrow in the arms of Jack Sheridan's beautiful niece, Angie. Now the couple just wants to be left alone this Christmas- but their families have other ideas.




  • Incredible love shared amongst the families involved in this story, leaving you feel so warm, with great Christmas holiday blessings. Great read, I highly recommend it for anyone wanting warm and fussy feelings out of a book.
  • Angie LeCroix has come to Virgin River to reevaluate her life after she has survived a horrific car accident. Her mother has become overbearing and wants her to continue with her plans for medical school. Now that she has a second chance on life she doesn't know if that is what she wants to do. So she escapes to the town of Virgin River for some time to herself between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Patrick Riordan is a fighter pilot in the Navy who has just lost his best friend on one of his missions. He is going through a difficult time and doesn't know if staying in the Navy is what he wants to do. So he gets some leave and heads to Virgin River for some time to himself to clear his head. He needs to be near his family so he can politely tell them to keep away. Angie and Patrick realize that they both are at the same crossroads in their life. Even though their lives go in opposite directions they realize that they might be the perfect fit for each other and what each other needs. I love this series!! I really love this series!! I have listened to this whole series on audio book and I love the narrator Terese Plummer. She is one of my favorite narrators. Every book in this series makes me more in love with the town of Virgin River. I really wish this town actually existed because I would want to live there. I loved this story between Angie and Patrick and love how the families all intertwined together. I hope she isn't done with this series because I can't wait for the next one! I give this story 5 stars.