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My Own Words

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The first book from Ruth Bader Ginsburg since becoming a Supreme Court Justice in 1993—a witty, engaging, serious, and playful collection of writings and speeches from the woman who has had a powerful and enduring influence on law, women’s rights, and popular culture.



  • Our senior book club enjoyed the first part of the book that gave the reader a good feel for RBG‘s personality, personal life, etc. , but as it got into more detail, the ends and outs of all the law talk was a bit overwhelming for most of us. I’m not sure that anyone read the book in it’s entirety. However, we were all glad that we gave it a chance, but felt that it was written for more of a law background audience.
  • Her story is so inspirational. Her early relationships shaped her personality and intellectual curiosity. Her description of growing up Jewish was eye opening. I loved her perception of life and the unwavering devotion to her husband.
  • As 24 year old hard core Christian right wing conservative, I detested everything Ruth Bader Ginsburg stood for when she was appointed Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. I remember vividly scorching her over several of her dissents over the years. I'm 49 now. I am the father of five daughters. I am the proud Papa to five grandchildren. Ah! Life Lessons. Although laborious at times, I loved this book! I still disagree with many of her Liberal tenets. However her quality of reasoning is beyond reproach. I have come to admire this very skilled and gifted Lawyer, Law Professor, Judge, and Justice. This book is very insightful. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Rule of Law and the inner workings of the US Supreme Court. This book should be required reading for all 1L students. ON HOW SHE’D LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED: "Someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the very best of her ability. And to help repair tears in her society, to make things a little better through the use of whatever ability she has. To do something, as my colleague David Souter would say, outside myself. ‘Cause I’ve gotten much more satisfaction for the things that I’ve done for which I was not paid." — From an interview with MSNBC BRAVO Justice Ginsburg. You are an American Patriot. #RBG