Off to Be the Wizard Audiobook by Scott Meyer [Free Download]

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Off to Be the Wizard by Scott Meyer

The readers can download Off to Be the Wizard Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Off to Be the Wizard Audiobook by Scott Meyer tells a simple story about a boy and his capacity to manipulate space and time by using a computer program. Well, maybe it’s not that simple. This is the story of Martin Banks, an average boy who happens to like computer, video games, fantasy worlds; well no that average either, almost a nerd. But he is no hacker. He happens to discover something amazing one day surfing through Internet: a random file.

He opens it, makes and few changes, and then magic happens: he discovers that the file can manipulate time and, also, give some few troubles. But he doesn’t care about the problems he can get into and decided to use the new app to travel to medieval times in order to be a powerful wizard. Setting his time travel to the Middle Aged England, he discovers at his arrival that some other people have discovered the file. While he is embarked on his journey to be a wizard, he found unique and highly entertaining people who become his friends.

Once there, he discovers that the Legendary King Arthur and all his knights are real, including the great wizard of Camelot, Merlin. What nobody in Camelot suspect is that Merlin has a dark plan in his hands, and the presence of Martin and friends are just a hurdle the experienced wizard did not count on.


Off to Be the Wizard Audiobook by Scott Meyer was originally released as a self-published book and due to its success, it granted the author a publishing deal for the following titles of the series.

This first entry has been well welcome among fans of fantasy adventures and it has become a hit giving the series of Magic 2.0 a real good beginning in terms of reception among readers and listeners of the audiobook versions. The series starts with an audiobook full of humor that is impossible to avoid laughing out loud while listening to it; sometimes the humor is kind of silly, more of the slapstick style, but through more than 10 hours duration is a joy to hear this really amazing, funny, very compelling character development story with some deal of sexual innuendo, but not too much just the kind you will listen to 12 or 13-year-old kids.

A mix of science-fiction and fantasy book, the audiobook offers “a very unique” story and “anyone who identifies as a nerd or geek will enjoy it” . Perhaps the first two chapters seem to be a little heavy on the reading; but as you keep listening the story will catch your attention and it is going to be very hard to get it off

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