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On the Brink

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When Hank Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, was appointed in 2006 to become the nation's next Secretary of the Treasury, he knew that his move from Wall Street to Washington would be daunting and challenging.


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  • I'd read some criticism that, in writing "On the Brink" Henry Paulsen was making a self-serving shot at writing the first draft of history. Such critics were looking I guess for more apologies from Paulsen, or perhaps some agonized admission that he had done some things wrong. Well, anyone looking for that will be disappointed, but personally I would have been disappointed if he had. "On the Brink" is a pretty straightforward account of the 2008 global financial meltdown, starting in late 2007. Paulsen certainly does his share of patting certain people on the back for working hard through the crisis, but that wasn't a distraction. He also draws a pretty clear line to the people who he believes weren't up to the task, with the CEO of Bear Stearns probably drawing the roughest comments. If you like business history, I think this is a must read. If you tend to believe that all capitalists are bastards, well, pick up Rolling Stone. (I also subscribe to the Rolling Stone.)