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Paradise Valley

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Best-selling author Robyn Carr pens a captivating tale from her Virgin River series in Paradise Valley. Rick Scudder joined the Marine Corps with high hopes, but left with a broken spirit and a shattered body. Pushing away everyone close to him, he forsakes the help of his surrogate father Jack and his longtime girlfriend Liz. Now Rick must find the strength to let Liz, who's never given up on him, back into his heart.




  • The narrator, Therese Plummer, creates all these voices, one for each character in the novel and brings the story to life...this series is such an incredible compilation that has me wanting more all the time. I don’t know if 20 or 30 books are going to be enough...I am not sure how many she did write but it better keep going for a while yet as I still need my friends from Virgin River. The stories intertwine with each other and you hear bit and pieces of all the main characters of each book even though each new book introduces you to a couple of new characters, holding your attention until the completion of each book. I really hope that you enjoy the gift this writer has given us with these books as much as I have enjoyed them and continue to read them all as I intend to do...oh yes keep some tissues next to you as you read, the tears are either from laughter or great sentiment.