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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline audiobook is set in the future, where reality is an ugly place to live in. It is the year 2045 and our teenage protagonist, Wade Watts, is only happy when he goes into OASIS, a virtual utopia.

OASIS has many puzzles hidden within its corners and they are based on the obsession of its creator with pop culture from the past decades. The utopia promises a massive fortune and power to the person that can decipher them. This is why Wade has dedicated his life to study the puzzles, in an attempt to win all of that.

Once Wade is in OASIS and he finds the first clue, he has to confront many players that could murder in order to get the prize, but now there is no going back so he will have to win and face the reality that he hates in order to survive.


Ready Player One by Ernest Cline audiobook is a dystopian story with an utopia inside of it.

We are in year 2045. Life quality on Earth has never been so bad. Global warming, pollution and an energy crisis make the world a pretty bad place to live. To escape from reality, OASIS has been created, an online game filled with puzzles about pop culture from the past that will provide great quantities of money and power to the person that can unlock them.

Here is where we meet Wade Watts, a regular teenager that has had a hard life and that detests reality. He has spent his life studying the puzzles of OASIS, with the hope that he will be able to get the final prize, but he will have to get over many obstacles once he is there.

Ready Player One audiobook is a fun story that is full of references of the pop culture. This is one of the reasons why it is perfect for all the fangirls and fanboys out there. However, it is not necessary to be one in order to enjoy the story, as everything is well explained.

The author made a great job creating the futuristic world, because it is realistic and not as radical as in other novels, where the world completely changed in a couple of decades. Online gaming scenes are also very realistic and you can feel like you are there playing every time one of these appears. Descriptions are well made and help us imagine the world of the novel.

Wade Watts is a great character that has a good development and with whom it is easy to empathize.

This book is widely recommended for all those who love science fiction and dystopias, and for the ones that consider themselves as gamers, fangirls, fanboys, geeks or nerds. We highly recommend you to check the audiobook before watching the movie by Spielberg.


I loved the audiobook Ender’s Game. Can anyone suggest an audiobook that is similar in nature?

Ready Player One is the perfect audiobook for you. It also goes about video games that are related to reality and it is set in the future.

How far are we, in years, from the technology needed to create the oasis from the audiobook Ready Player One?

Very, very far. The main problems we could face would be bandwidth and its unviable economy to create a platform supports so much content and users.

Do I need to understand all the references to enjoy Ready Player One?

It is not necessary to have plenty of knowledge about video games and pop culture in order to enjoy Ready Player One. You can perfectly have fun with it without understanding some of the references, but it will always be better if you do.

How did the Ready Player One movie compare to the audiobook?

When compared to the audiobook, the movie is a good adaptation and it is visually spectacular, but as usual, many important things were eliminated.

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