See How She Dies Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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See How She Dies

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London Danvers was kidnapped as a child from her wealthy family. Over the years, many women have claimed to be her, trying to lay claim to the long-lost heiress's inheritance. Among them is Adria Nash, who has arrived in Oregon, claiming to be London-but, unlike the others, she's different: she knows personal details only London could have known. And there is someone who does believe her-who is watching her every move, waiting to see how she runs, how she screams, and how she dies...



  • Great book that gets exciting from the start. The narrator is weird sometimes, sounds like the same woman narrates and speaks for the main character but in a hoarse voice. Easy read, great for listening at work.
  • This book dragged on and on, kept going over the same things over and over and all the efforts to pique the readers interest with the sex talk was a waste of time. If I wanted porn I could have rented a porn video and got better writing. I was very disappointed as I am not into Harlequin Romance books and this was pretty much a glorified Harlequin Romance publication. We did have a few laughs over the tackiness of it.
  • I could only make it 9 hours into this book before I got over it. *SPOILER ALERT* I had enough when she started having an intimate relationship with her supposed half brother. Weird. This book really just couldn’t keep my attention, maybe it’s too drawn out. There’s no reason for this story to be 17 hours long.