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Rachel's request for a quick and clean divorce enraged her husband. She had never seen Eric so angry, so consumed by pure and terrifying hatred. Then, in the heat of the moment, Eric was struck down in a traffic accident. His death was instantaneous. Shocked and relieved, Rachel had nothing left to fear. Until Eric's body disappeared from the morgue - and Rachel was stalked by someone who looked like her dead husband......Shadowfires



  • I am a fan of Dean's I have read about half of his books. Dean entertains and usually includes a strong moral message. This audiobook would have rated 4 stars from me, except for two reasons. One-Narration-The woman narrating the book has a good voice but she is awful when it comes to male voices. Very distracting at first, but you do get used to it. Two-Length-The story is good but it is way too long, Dean could have easily cut it by a third. I found myself saying "there are a few sentences we could have done without" and "Yay, finally disc 15!" Dean spends too much time minutely describing minor characters. One more point I know movie producers make money for product placement, but do authors? Dean mentions Arco gas, Mr. Goodbar, Maxwell House, Dinty Moore, Farmer John among many other product placements. More a curiosity than a criticism.
  • I enjoyed the premiss of this novel but unfortunately IMO the narration really dragged the story down. A lot of potentially exciting and chilling points but it just didn't come through given the tone of the reader.