Sharpe’s Fury Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Sharpe's Fury

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The year is 1811 and the French appear to have won their war in Portugal and Spain, with Spain fallen to the invader except for the sea-wrapped city of Cadiz. Captain Richard Sharpe has no business being in Cadiz, but an attack on a French held bridge goes disastrously wrong and Sharpe finds himself in a city under French siege and political rivalry. Some Spaniards believe their country's future would he best served by forging a friendship with Napoleon's France, and their cause is helped when some letters, written to a whore by the British ambassador, fall into their possession. They resort to blackmail, and Sharpe is released into the alleys of Cadiz to find the whore and retrieve the letters.



  • Cornwell is a master of master of the battle scene. The battle in the last part of the book was so vivid I thought I was there. The Sharpe series always makes me get out the Atlas to following his trips and battles on the map. Can not wait to start the next in the series. The reader was good but like Patrick Tull reading this series better.