Spring’s Gentle Promise Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Spring's Gentle Promise

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"In the dimness of the early morning I could see field after neighborhood field as I let my gaze wander around me. First there was ours-I supposed I would always think of the farm as ours-Grandpa's, Uncle Charlie's and mine, though in truth it really was just mine now. Guess that was one of the reasons I was whistling. Just yesterday Grandpa and Uncle Charlie had signed all the official papers to make the farm mine-really and legally mine. Joshua Chadwick Jones they read, clear as could be. The full impact had yet to hit me. But I was excited. Really excited. I mean, what other fella my age had a farm his own, title clear and paid for?"


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  • This book about a mid-west family and their struggle to keep the family farm during the great dust bowl era is a bit slow. It would be great for a farmer because of all the detail about farm life but was not too exciting for a city girl.