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THEY WERE STRANGERS. A handful of people. From different backgrounds, living in different towns and cities across America, they had nothing in common - except fear. THEY WERE VICTIMS. Cold and stark, an unknown terror gripped their dreams and turned their days into living nightmares. THEY WERE CHOSEN. And they could not escape. Deep in the heart of a sprawling desert, a dark memory called out to them drawing them to the Tranquility Motel - where the terrifying truth was waiting...



  • I tried twice to listen to this book and it is so bad that I couldn't get through the first CD either time. I recently made a cross country trip in my car and this was the last audio book I had and I still couldn't follow it. It was so boring I ended up going without rather than listen to it drone on and on.
  • The reviews of this book seem to be either hate it or love it. I am in between the two. I am a big fan of Dean's work, I love the way he entertains you while, simultaneously conveying a moral message. Some of his passages are so terrific I add them to my collection of quotes and reread them from time to time. Regarding Strangers, I like the book, the story and the characters are terrific. The problem is the first half of the book is way too long. I found myself saying "O.K. I get it can we move on now?" If I were reading it, I really do not think I could have made it through the first half of the book. Had the first half been much shorter I would have given the book 4 or 5 stars. Bottom line, if you are a fan of Dean's work, by all means, listen to Strangers. If you are new to Dean, do not start out with Strangers, Dean has written many books that are far superior.
  • I loved this book, and after only about 20 mins I got used to, and enjoyed the narration and the narrator. Great characters that are slowly exposed to the listener and the story unfolds as fine threads of the plot connect all the charachters leading to the climactic event that is evident in all the Koontz novels I've read to date. If you like Koontz, you'll love Strangers and the audiobook and narrator are also great! I highly recommend it!
  • I was very disappointed that I wasted so many hours listening to this book. I was extremely long and extremely drawn out. After all the time I spent listening I had expected the ending to be worth it, but it was not. I would not recommend wasting time on this book.
  • This was an awesome keep you on the edge of you seat story. Everytime I think I figured it out something the next cd blows my theory. My first but definitely not my last Dean Koontz book. Thanks DEAN!!!