The Da Vinci Code Audiobook by Dan Brown [Download]

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The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

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The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is the second book involving the famous symbologist Robert Langdon, published in 2003. Robert Langdon is in Paris for a speech and to meet Jacques Sauniere the Louvre curator Sauniere is brutally murdered by a Catholic monk who is working on the instructions of someone called the Teacher, who wants to know the location of the keystone- an important element in the discovery of the Holy Grail.

Sauniere’s body is lying naked and posed similar to Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting the Vitruvian Man. There is a cryptic code lying next to the body. Langdon is asked for help by the police who suspect him of the murder. Sophie Neveu the police cryptologist who is also Sanuiere’s granddaughter says that the cryptic message was left for her and Langdon is innocent. She also requests for Langdon’s help in decoding the message. She later helps Langdon escape from Louvre.

Sophie and Langdon hit the road and are on the run from the police. They encounter many new twists and turns in their rendezvous towards solving the puzzle of the cryptic message. They later also realize that Jacques Sauniere was also a member of a secret organization named the Priority of Sion, which had also included famed members like Leonardo Da Vinci, Issac Newton, Botticelli etc.

Sophie and Langdon keep escaping the police and numerous encounters on their journey which leads them to a secret which has the potential of shaking the foundations of human civilization. However, Langdon and Sophie are not alone in their search, dangerous powers and evil forces are also after what they are seeking.


The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown has received both positive and negative reviews from the critics. However, the novel has been a global bestseller selling multi-million copies worldwide. The writing is pacy and keeps the readers on the edge of their seats. The narrative is simple yet engaging.

The events unfold swiftly and the numerous unpredictable twists and turns makes the novel a page-turner. The character of Sophie binds the story together and with a right balance of strength and vulnerability, she makes the plot more believable. This is a must-read for all Dan Brown fans.

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