The Fallen Audiobook by David Baldacci [Free Download by Trial]

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The Fallen by David Baldacci

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The Fallen by David Baldacci is the fourth novel in the popular Memory Man series. Amos Decker had a career-ending head injury while playing for the NFL. As a result of the severe head injury, Decker acquired a unique trait- he cannot forget anything. He can recollect all the past memories with total clarity. Due to this unique trait, he is hired by the FBI to solve high profile cases. The plot opens with Decker and his FBI partner Alex Jamison on a vacation to Alex’s sister in Baronville, Pennsylvania. The family has a five-year-old child Joe who reminds Decker of his own daughter.

One day while interacting with Joe, he observes something unusual in the neighboring house. The house is supposedly unoccupied but he observes lights flicking followed by sparks shooting through the window. Decker goes to the house to investigate and finds two dead bodies there.

He also discovers that there have been six deaths in the town in the recent past which he believes to be a high number for such a small town. Four of the parties in the six murders are unrelated. People have been dying in Baronville and the town is gripped by opioid crisis. Most of the deaths are drug-related and have million dollar insurance payout.

Decker and Alex get involved in the investigation. With rising body counts, the duo must solve the mystery to prevent further deaths and mishaps. As the two of them investigate further they discover curious and spine-chilling revelations. The adventures of the duo in solving the case and the twists and turns form the remainder of the story.


The Fallen by David Baldacci is a fast-paced nail-biter which will keep the readers completely engrossed till the climax. The plot is tight and razor sharp and the readers will not be able to predict the truth till the end. The unexpected twists and turns keep the story more intriguing.

The suspense grows on the readers to the point of becoming unbearable. The David Baldacci fans will not be disappointed reading this novel. It can, in fact, be a great starting point for starting out on the David Baldacci novels for new readers. This is a highly recommended read for the readers.