The Fiery Cross Audiobook by Diana Gabaldon [Free Download by Trial]

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The Fiery Cross: Outlander, Book 5 by Diana Gabaldon

The readers can download The Fiery Cross: Outlander, Book 5 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon audiobook is the fifth book out of eight of the ongoing book series Outlander.

This novel is set in 1771, when war is approaching. Claire warns her husband Jamie Fraser about this. Jamie has no choice but to believe her, even if he does not want to do it. The unique view of the future that Claire possesses has brought them danger and deliverance in the past.

What they do with her knowledge of the future revolution could be a bright light in the upcoming years or could burn their lives into ashes.

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The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon audiobook is the fifth novel of the book series Outlander, and this time it has a mixture of elements from different genres: romance, historical fiction, science fiction/fantasy and adventure.

This novel starts in the exact same moment where the previous one, Drums of Autumn, left off: when Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser and Roger Mackenzie are about to make their nuptials official and baptize their son Jeremiah. At this point, everyone is living together at Fraser's Ridge, in America.

Knowing that the American Revolution is about to explode, Jamie is required, along with Roger, to form a militia in attempt to put down the beginnings of a rebellion in North Caroline. There Jamie puts his life in danger for a king that he knows, thanks to his wife, he will have to betray soon.

In this audiobook, many of the conflicts that were left unsolved in the previous book have a resolution, and some mysteries and new characters are revealed as the plot advances. At the end of the book we want to continue the story, because it is left right before an important event.

Through this novel we get a closer look of the everyday life of this family and it is evident that Diana Gabaldon did her research because historical events are very well portrayed.

The novel is narrated from different points of view. It alternates between Jamie, Claire, Roger and Brianna. Our favorite parts are Claire’s, because the time-travel aspect is always present when she compares events with what she knows from 20th century and is very careful so she doesn’t say more the she should.

As the rest of the novels in the series, there are a good number of sex scenes and dialogues with a touch of humor.

If you are a big fan of Outlander, you should definitely continue the series, as this book goes deeper into the characters and the plot, and the ending will leave wanting more from Gabaldon’s work.


Is The Fiery Cross a cheesy love story?

Although relationships have developed and now we have another couple, the book is not over-romantic. In this novel, besides love between couples we can also see the love parents have for their children.

Is The Fiery Cross appropriate for a teenager?

It depends on the age and the sensitivity of the person. The Fiery Cross includes explicit sex scenes, just like the other novels in the series, and violent scenes.

How can we see the contrast of the two centuries in The Fiery Cross?

A good example that shows the different ways of thinking of both centuries is every time Jamie asks Roger to do a “heroic action” in order to prove his manliness and bravery.

Do I need to read The Fiery Cross to understand the following novels?

Yes, the plot of the Outlander series is a continuing story. In the case of The Fiery Cross new characters are introduced and situations that were not concluded in the previous book have a resolution here.