The Fix Audiobook by David Baldacci [Free Download by Trial]

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The Fix by David Baldacci

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In The Fix Audiobook by David Baldacci, Amos Decker, the former-NFL player with almost supernatural skills given by his career-ending lesion, once again finds himself trapped in a murder mystery. The difference is that this time, the events seem to be impossible to figure out even by this man “that cannot forget” and sees death in blue colors.

Decker witnesses an apparently random murder-suicide just outside the J. Edgar Hoover building when he was on his way to collaborate with the Bureau. The man, Dabney, was thought to be a simple family man that lost his mind and shot a woman arbitrary on the back of her neck, only to kill himself right away.

The woman, Berkshire, was a substitute teacher that volunteered on a hospice and strangely lived a millionaire condo. There was no apparent connection, but Decker couldn’t believe so. When the detective and his group were frustrated and with no clues, Harper Brown, a young DIA agent enters the scene.

Brown tries to compel Decker from proceeding with the investigation alleging that it was part of a confidential investigation. Of course, far from stopping Amos, this compelled him to keep his inquiries only to find out that the teacher has no past before the last decade.

Finally, after some attempts against her life, Brown decides to team up with the detective in a conjunct investigation that is now a matter of national security with an imminent attack in the horizon.

At the end of the audiobook, the plot explodes in a very crude and picturesque outcome where the teacher was never as good as she seemed and used a dying boy to leak important information, while Dabney’s life is exposed and his desperation ends up being a real act of love for his family, which had fallen in an unavoidable swirl of intrigue.


The Fix Audiobook by David Baldacci manages to submerge its audience in a twisted and a bit confusing (at times) plot, full of suspense and the unique personality of his consecrated character, Amos Decker.

While abusing a bit of characterization, he gradually plunges the reader into the atmosphere that generates the oddity of Decker’s abilities and non-existent social skills. The character has been traumatized both physically due to his injury and emotionally after watching the slaughter of his family. This leaves him with an obsessive desperation to seek the truth and this case is no exception.

Pretty much as in the first novel of this series “The Memory Man”, David Baldacci starts with a slow rhythm that, if endured, will lead the public to an explosive end. Suspense and heavily affectionate situations invade the story while some hilarious inserts and hard action shots keep the interest of both suspense and action lovers at the same time!

Also, the characters start to develop even though Baldacci may have taken too much effort into reaffirming the “injured bird” position. He could have deepened more into the psychological reflexion about the changes Decker’s experiences have imprinted in his personality and true self.

Finally, while the audiobook may be a bit larger than a regular reader would expect, Decker lovers and the thriller-used audience will definitely get caught in this conflicted but fairly predictable mystery.


Will Amos Decker finally develop some kind of social relationship after what happened with his family?

Baldacci certainly insists on using heavy description and characterization to point out how Decker is rude and maybe a “boor”. Nevertheless, the addition of Brown to the team and his hermetic partnership with Jamison, peep out some acknowledgment of Amos about his social situation and could develop into a relationship.