The Gender Game Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Gender Game by Bella Forrest

The readers can download The Gender Game Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Gender Game Audiobook by Bella Forrest is a dystopic first chapter of a future where the world is divided by gender and the land occupied by men and women are separated by a toxic river. Men are on the West side of the river mad Women stay on the East part. The book is starred by a 19-year-old character named Violet, who is a rebellious person and does not follow rules the way they are supposed to do in this divided world. Due to her nonconformist side, caused mostly for the disappearance of her brother, she is a prisoner on her own nation. Condemned to die for her crimes she has committed, there is only one solution for saving her life: get into the kingdom of Patrus, ruled by men who submitted women as they wish.

And living in the nation of men, it is hard for Violet to obey rules, but she has to be obedient if she wants to stay alive; otherwise, she would suffer the most horrible punishment ever imagined. The longer she stays in the patriarchy, the harder for her to control herself and when the danger in that increases, she is forced to make sacrifices she didn’t expect to do – such as a forbidden love in a forbidden territory.


The Gender Game Audiobook by Bella Forrest is the first entry of a series of seven books about a dystopic setting very similar to The Hunger Games and the Divergent series. The audience for these stories is aimed at young adult readers who has enjoyed these new adventures and has provided very good reviews in pages like Amazon. It has reached a total of 20,125 five-star reviews all over the world and the whole series has sold a million copies.

The audiobook is narrated by Rebecca Soler and Zachary Webber and released In October 2016; just few months after the printed edition came to existence. Most of readers praised the pacing of the story and the narrating of the events, especially the perfect mix of adventure, thrill, love and heartbreak through the 9 hours and 53 minutes that takes to listen to the complete narration. The audiobook has been placed in the first 10 places of the Fantasy Paranormal genre, with the 35 rank in the Romance section and in the first 100 products in the Romantic Science Fiction and Fantasy categories.

If you are a fan of other young adult series like The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and Divergent, so this is a series you are going to enjoy deeply.

If you prefer a profound treatment of the gender issues, then you will find this material disappointing due to the lacking of serious arguments and serious foundations to tell a story that seems promising but it gets short in providing depth to the issues it deals with.

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