The Light We Lost Audiobook by Jill Santopolo [Free Download]

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The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo

The readers can download The Light We Lost Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Light We Lost Audiobook by Jill Santopolo is a romance novel focused on the backdrop of the September 2001 terrorist attack in the US. The protagonists in the novel Lucy and Gabe meet on September 11, 2001, in a shared class in Columbia University. When they walk out of the class they come to know that the twin towers have been hit. They run to the roof of the academic building to observe the New York city descend into complete chaos. That day changed their life also and marked the starting of their relationship.

After college Lucy starts writing for a children series television show and earns herself an Emmy. Gabe takes up photography. Gabe also has an intense desire to succeed in his professional life. He tells Lucy that he will be going to Iraq as a member of the associated press. This marks the falling off of their relationship as Gabe follows his career and leaves Lucy behind.

He also stays much longer in Iraq then what he had planned. Lucy finally gets married to Darren. He shows a different side of love to Lucy. Lucy though knows that she will not be able to completely let go of Gabe and her feelings for him. Gabe also has similar feelings for her. Lucy’s love for Darren, her family and all that they have completely built together always ends up competing with her feelings and love for Gabe.


The Light We Lost Audiobook by Jill Santopolo received positive reviews from the critics and the readers. It also got featured on the New York Times Bestseller List. The author has narrated the story from Lucy’s point of view. The narrative feels very personal and readers will definitely relate with Lucy’s character. The author has beautifully captured Lucy’s dilemma in life as she struggles alternating her feelings between Darren and Gabe.

The novel successfully depicts how love changes people’s lives and can alter the course of their lives permanently. The author has fleshed the characters of Lucy and Gabe in a manner that readers will bond with them. The novel will take the readers on a roller coaster of emotions. It is a highly recommended read.

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