The Masterpiece Audiobook by Francine Rivers [Free Download by Trial]

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The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers

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The Masterpiece Audiobook by Francine Rivers is the story of how two broken people that share a similar past can find themselves at the worst point in their lives and be saved by the grace of God.

Roman Velasco is an apparently successful artist that hides an empty heart. With fame, women, money and a beautiful mansion in Topanga Canyon, no one could ever imagine the demons and loneliness that his soul endures. To drain his frustration, he acts as a mysterious and notorious graffiti artist during the night, risking his career and even his freedom.

Velasco’s life keeps crumbling until Grace Moore shows up at his door eager to get the job as her assistant. Moore is a single mother that just got disappointed by a cheating husband, just when she had left her studies to support him. With the trauma of having lived the violent death of her parents when very little and carrying now an unplanned 5 months old child, she’s as lost as Velasco.

Nevertheless, she finds salvation when hired by the artist. He offered her a cottage for herself, that allows her to escape from the family that took her before, but wanted to separate her from the child. With two very different personalities and spiritual believes, these characters start to live together.

She discovers all his demons and he unveiled hers and clashed for a while. She believed in God and valued her privacy, while he was an atheist used to easy women that allowed him in without commitment.

With time, both start to find salvation in each other and a love story develops with a very encouraging and comforting end. Both encounter the grace of God that fills the empty spaces in their hearts, allowing them to give and receive love again.


While the audiobook is not actually Christian, being from Francine Rivers, the presence of God and some preaching is unavoidable. Nevertheless, the author is completely capable of introducing it in a way that’s actually not intrusive and bearable for any kind of reader, even if they’re not religious.

The narration, in general, is really light and fresh, allowing passing the 500 pages at a very quick pace; even the audiobook is read in less than a day. Even though the writing is so simple, the deepness and meaning on the lines are very present.

The Masterpiece Audiobook by Francine Rivers is a rose novel that has a lot to offer, especially for those people who are lonely and in the need of comforting. The way the characters relate and how real their behaviors are is another interesting feature about The Masterpiece.

We all know that sometimes when we know a person, we make assumptions that end up being wrong, and actually know that person makes us grow as individuals. That’s exactly what happens between these two people that can’t find themselves in life, and are really closed to the world. It’s only by recognizing the other suffering that they manage to redeem their own and open to improve as human beings.


Is the book easy to read or it’s too cluttered with Christian jargon?

While Christian jargon is really a part of the book, it can be determined as a part of the woman character personality, making it believable and bearable for non-Christian readers too.

Was Roman Velasco inspired on Banksy?

Yes, during her research to create The Masterpiece, Francine Rivers studied Banksy and was fascinated by the mystery touch of the artist. How he was completely unknown to the world, yet his art has transcended borders, inspired her to create Velasco.