The Memory Watcher Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Memory Watcher by Minka Kent

The readers can download The Memory Watcher Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Memory Watcher Audiobok by Minka Kent is a psychological thriller novel. It is the first effort as a writer by Minka Kent in the novel area. The book tells the story of two women from different family backgrounds. One of them is Daphne McMullen, a lady who likes to show her social life be placed in the social media so everybody can watch her perfect life along her loving husband and her perfect three children; allof them living in a dreamy and lovely dwelling. Her rich and handsome husband is the perfect match for her and, besides that, he proves to be a wonderful father. Her children are well behaved and adorable. They love her very much and she loves them back. Everything seems perfect in her life: the house, the delicious and healthy meals she prepares, and her looks too. Or it seems to be.

On the other hand, there is Autumn Carpenter, a woman who came from a troubled past and her life is based on what she can see on the social media. She tries to be like those women she follows on Internet in every social media outlet. But that is not everything she does searching on other people’s life. She is also searching for her daughter whom was adopted by some strangers many years ago. Finally, she found her daughter watching the pictures of Daphne and her oldest daughter Grace. Autumn found her in this family’s perfect pictures and she follows every move Grace makes by looking at them on her computer screen. Every birthday, holidays, important events are recorded in Daphne’s social media page.

But suddenly, the innocent admiration with that life turns into an obsession in Autumn’s mind and she decides to get closer to Grace’s adopting family and she applies for a job as nanny with the McMullen family. Try to get involved as much as possible in her child’s life, Autumn manipulates every situation to get deeply involved with Grace. Just as she get more involved into her child’s past and present situation, Autumn discovers that everything is not as perfect as it looks in the picture of Dpanhe’s Instaface account and she discovers that pictures can also lie.And these lies lead to the most terrible secrets.


The Memory Watcher by Minka Kent was originally published in 2016. It has reveived mostly positive reviews and be praised by readers and critics alike as a very good opera prima for any given author before. The audiobook version has been public since May 2017.It reached the Amazon Top 100 in March and September 2017. The book has been selected tobe translated in several languages and it has been selected by NBC Universal’s UCP along with Escape Artists to be adapted to the Big Screen.

The novel starts as a intriguing story about a young lady who is obsessed with the lives of others in social media, but hiding a deep secret. Years ago, she gave her recently born child in adoption and she discovered that she has been adopted to a woman she follows in her social media account. Full of several twists, it is a book that certainly catches the attention of the reader and it makes it very difficult to stop reading. It appeals to those readers interested in mystery and, more especially, psychological thrillers



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