The Midnight Line Audiobook by Lee Child [Free Download]

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The Midnight Line: A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child

The readers can download The Midnight Line: A Jack Reacher Novel Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Midnight Line: A Jack Reacher Novel Audiobook by Lee Child starts with our hero terminating another of his relationships, and therefore ending one cycle of his life.

As he is unavoidably attracted to girls, especially troubled ones, he finds himself in the pursuit of an ex-soldier Serena Rosa Sanderson. Everything begins as he discovers a West Point class ring in a pawnshop.

The ring, as supposed, called his attention because he knows what it takes to earn it and also, what it takes to make someone put it at a pawn. Besides, the ring obviously belonged to a woman, due to its small size, so doubles his interests.

The point is that he decides to find the owner and give it back, as a matter of honor. Suddenly he finds himself involved with some unknown crime enterprise, and even some partners come along the way.

It turns out that a former FBI detective and Sanderson’s twin sister are on the pursuit as well. They join together in the search and of course, they find out that she’s in trouble due to involving with a much darker situation going on backward.

In the end, the puzzle starts to take form when opioids finally make their appearance and dealers become more human than we’ve ever seen a villain in Child’s novels. Reacher’s pride and his sense of righting-what-is-wrong globe the plot in a deeper end with some surprises and emotional stains that make a unique climax.


The Midnight Line: A Jack Reacher Novel Audiobook by Lee Child is an incredibly deeper novel than any other from the Jack Reachers Saga.

While we’re used to a very cockish character that commonly uses his fists to solve any problems, in this audiobook, we see a more mindful version of the hero. Unlike most of the previous novels, where the situation involved an unsolved police situation, in this one, the author touches a much deeper thematic; opioids.

The topic is approached as the problematic of war meaning a major cause of the addiction cases, and how the government miscarries the circumstances, blaming it on the addicts.

The plot, that centers in Sanderson’s ring, is involved in a context that can’t be solved by punching and shooting. So, this time Jack Reacher learns to work alongside with two partners, being a very refreshing growth in the character’s personality.

On the other hand, the conception of freedom that Child depicts in the audiobook as Reacher constantly changes location includes a very rich description of those locations and landscapes. That’s definitely something that’s entertaining to follow and give much more literal value to the novel.

The best part is that Jack Reachers-original-style-lovers won’t be disappointed as we still can see a lot of action and fights that are almost unbelievable but very exciting.

Finally, the audiobook includes a couple of very well-hatched mysteries – The search for Sanderson and the proceeding of the criminal enterprise – that put the cherry on top this excellent and thrilling story.


How does The Midnight Line differ from other Jack Reacher stories

This audiobook doesn’t get stuck in the action and savior-hero-solving-everything plot. Maybe the only of Child’s novels to include this, the character evolves to a very profound personality, analyzing the story and situation of America’s opioid abuse.

The thriller includes a real critique of the government function as well as the problem itself while developing its plot in a more believable and interesting way.

Is this audiobook entertaining for Jack Reacher’s fandom?

While the audiobook is obviously enriched by many artistic and visual description as well as the deepness mentioned in the previous question, Child still manages to add every aspect needed to still be a Reacher’s plot. This means that fandom will still have every feature they love about Jack Reacher with more historical and psychological features.