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The Naturalist: The Naturalist, Book 1 by Andrew Mayne

The readers can download The Naturalist: The Naturalist, Book 1 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Naturalist: The Naturalist Book 1 by Andrew Mayne is the first audiobook of the Naturalist series. It is a fast-paced mystery thriller. The protagonist in the story is Theo Cray a bioinformatic who combines the knowledge of plant and animal behavior and physiology and computational science to solve criminal cases.

Theo’s former student Juniper Parsons has been brutally killed while she was on a field trip. Theo is initially under suspicion for the crime but he is quickly cleared from the case. The initial investigation leads the police to believe that Juniper was killed by a bear attack and the case is closed at that. Theo, however, is not convinced that the death was caused by a bear attack.

He accidentally gets access to the blood and DNA samples and starts his own investigations. He uses his skills and knowledge to make further advancement in the investigation. He comes to establish a disturbing trend dating back to thirty years of missing young girls and their deaths nearby, Montana.

The other deaths also were caused by similar attacks having the same claw marks which were found on the body of Juniper Parsons. Theo starts getting to the truth slowly and step-by-step and comes close to unearthing the real reasons behind these deaths. His efforts do not go unnoticed by the police and they start suspecting him for these deaths.


The Naturalist: The Naturalist Book 1 by Andrew Mayne is an unputdownable audiobook which keeps the readers on the edge of their seats. The details with which the background and the scenes are set up is a delight to the readers. The character of Theo Cray is very likable and the readers develop a bonding with him and cheer for him to solve the mystery.

He becomes a character which is easy to relate to and his efforts in solving the mystery are commendable. The combination of biology and computational science and their use in solving crime mystery is a novel idea for the readers. The use of science in unearthing the mystery is one of the strong points of the novel.

The story is concise and cleverly plotted with the readers not being able to predict the twists and turns. The suspense builds up to the climax which makes reading the book even more pleasurable experience. Overall, the novel is a highly addictive read and will keep the readers craving for the sequel to it.