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The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

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The Night Circus Audiobook by Erin Morgenstern is a fantasy novel published in 2011. It is the story set in latter half of 19th century. Le Cirque des Reves (The Circus of Dreams) is no ordinary circus. It is open only from sunset to sunrise and it arrives and goes without any schedule or notice. The circus has features like a garden made of ice, acrobats soaring high without nets, vertical cloud maze where patrons simply step off and float in the air.

The Night Circus is essentially the story of two magicians who are pitted against each other in a delicate and life long rivalry. The two famous magicians Prospero the Enchanter and Mr. A.H. groom their young pupils Celia Bowen and Marco Alisdair to continue their rivalry. The two young magicians enchant people who come to the circus with their tricks and illusions. They slowly fall in love with each other although both of them are bound to a deadly magical rivalry which the rules of which neither of them understands.

The two competitors become strained as there is no sign of a clear victor and they do not know how a person will be declared victorious also. They learn that the game must continue unless one of them is unable to carry on which signifies their death. Celia learns from the circus cartoonist Tsusiko, who is also a magician and winner of such a contest earlier, that she won the contest as her competitor committed suicide. The story of who emerges victorious between Celia and Marco and how the events unfold is the remaining storyline.


The Night Circus Audiobook by Erin Morgenstern was well received by the readers and critics. It also featured in the New York Times Best Sellers list. Morgenstern successfully creates an imagery and illusion which will capture the imagination of the readers. The author has painted a picture so vivid that the readers will be able to visualize the fictional circus and the characters. The love story between Marco and Celia has been adequately and beautifully portrayed by the author.

The supporting cast around Marco and Celia who help them become who they are have also been elaborately captured in the novel. The interplay of human emotions like competition, collaboration, and manipulation has been displayed in the book. The novel is very pleasurable to read and must be read by all readers who will enjoy this beautiful storyline.

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