The Secrets of Closing the Sale Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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The Secrets of Closing the Sale: Included Bonus: Selling with Emotional Logic

The readers can download The Secrets of Closing the Sale: Included Bonus: Selling with Emotional Logic Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar is a masterclass on sales and closing the deal. The book is admired and highly read by marketing and sales professionals. The author focuses on how to persuade potential customers into saying yes and closing the sales. Persuasion is a critical skill to possess in any salesperson to positively influence the customers into buying the products. The author says that the sales process is a comprehensive one. The salesperson has to find a potential customer, has to fix up an appointment, develop a rapport and trust with the customer and make the pitch. The salesperson has to clarify all the customer’s queries in a satisfactory manner which will lead to closing the sales.

The author emphasizes that the salesperson is the most important part of sales. He goes on to say that the salesperson needs to have the aptitude and right attitude for being successful. He has to be honest and he/she should first believe in the company, the company’s product and its features etc. The right kind of salesperson also has skills like pleasant personality and approach towards the customer and following up with the customer for closing the sales. He/she should be able to develop a deeper connect and trust bond with the customer to persuade him in a positive manner. Ziglar emphasizes the fact that to be successful, the salesperson has to think from the perspective of the potential customer. They should be able to meet the needs of the customers and also address their concerns, which will lead towards closing the sale.


The Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar is an easy and flowing read. Ziglar has highlighted the importance of imagination in the sales process. He says that it is important to understand the psychology of the potential customers. The book is for salesperson but it deals more deeply into persuasion. The learning can be applied by almost all of us in daily lives to make it more enriching and meaningful. The author has included many anecdotes and personal experiences in the audiobook, which makes it easy to understand and can be easily related to by the readers.




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