The Woman in the Window Audiobook by A. J. Finn [Download]

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The Woman in the Window: A Novel by A. J. Finn

The readers can download The Woman in the Window: A Novel Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


The Woman in the Window: A Novel by A.J. Finn is a highly successful debut novel by the author. The protagonist Dr. Anna Fox was once a renowned child psychologist. She is now reduced to an agoraphobic, alcoholic recluse holed up inside her house in a nice Harlem neighborhood. She does not have her family- her husband and daughter and there are too many idle hours in the day for her to fill.

She lives alone with her cat and a tenant in the basement apartment. Anna knows all her neighbors though she never visits them. She spends her days playing chess online and counseling agoraphobic people in a chatroom. During the evenings she calls her estranged husband who constantly reminds her that they are separated and too much of contact is not recommended. She does not have much of a social life.

Anna spends her days peeping into the lives of other people in her neighborhood. She has a Nikon D5500 camera and good quality zoom lens through which she watches her neighbors life- their affairs, fights, intimate moments and other activities. Anna finally witnesses a murder in the home of the child who comes to visit her frequently.

Everyone including the child though say that the victim is not dead. Anna comes across as a highly unreliable witness under the effects of drugs and alcohol. Anna herself is not sure if she actually witnessed a murder or was she hallucinating. The remainder of the story deals with how the murder mystery unfolds further.


The Woman in the Window: A Novel by A.J. Finn is a highly riveting and entertaining psychological thriller novel. The author has come up with an airtight and almost perfect plot. The plot moves forward swiftly and the readers encounter unexpected twists and turns which deter them from predicting the climax.

The author has magnificently depicted the character of Anna Fox-a woman who has suffered in her personal life and her insecurities. The author has expertly weaved the lives and intentions of the different characters into the plot which is fascinating to read as the plot unfolds. This is a highly gripping thriller novel and a must-read for all the readers.

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