Thinking, Fast and Slow Audiobook by Daniel Kahneman [Free Download]

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Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

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Thinking, Fast and Slow Audiobook by Daniel Kahneman finally reaches the market with all the knowledge and vast experience in the field of behavioral psychology, behavioral economy, and happiness studies accumulated by Kahneman through all his life. The Nobel laureate, inspiration to other authors like Steven Pinker and Malcolm Gladwell, after a long wait provides his own and first book for general audiences.

In this audiobook, a clear and enlighten summary of his life’s work is told to listeners offering a change in the way thinking is conceived. Explaining his theory about the two systems that controls the thinking and choice making processes; Kahneman states in the audiobook that the first one is fast, intuitive and emotional while the second one is slower, more deliberative, and more logical.

The author explains, as both systems function with the mind is examined, the extraordinary capabilities as well as the preconceptions of fast thinking and the hard influence of the instinctual impressions on our selections and ideas. The audiobook engaged the listener in vividly talk about the way we think, indicating when we have to trust our instinct and how we can benefit from the slow thinking process; and at the same time he shows the contrast between the system he states with the standard model of the rational economic agent.


Thinking, Fast and Slow Audiobook by Daniel Kahneman is a compilation of all the experience the author has had during his all work life in the functioning of the human mind at the moment of thinking and/or making decisions. During the 20 hours of listening, with narration provided by Patrick Egan, Kahneman provides in a lively language his influential labor that has changed cognitive psychology and presented new fields of behavioral economics and happiness investigations.

Through this innovative audiobook, the author demonstrates the way our minds work offering practical and thoughtful awareness of the choices made in our personal amd business lives and also provides the necessary protection against the mental faults that takes us into troublesome areas.

Through the whole five parts of the audiobook, the material will explain with vivid examples and all the experience accumulated by the author how humankind work at the moment of thinking and taking decisions based on intuition or with a deep analysis of the situation presented.

Some of the chapters are heavy to follow and in most cases sound redundant, but overall the insight provided in the mind working process makes thus audiobook an interesting and very helpful material

At the very end of the audiobook, the listener will summary the lessons learned in three important points:

1. The brain works under two systems, as stated above, a fast, intuitive, and automatic system and a slow, logical, and conscious one. So our behavior is determined by the functioning of both systems in many circumstances.

2. Our brain is lazy and forces us to make intellectual mistakes.

3. Emotions have to be ruled out when money is involved.

These three lessons taken deep in our system will help us improve, change our lives, and achieve happiness while we try to balance the two systems of mind thinking.

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